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What's In The Box: #TheContender

What's In The Box: #TheContender



What's In The Box? Today it is a little Kickstarter project known as the contender.  The Contender was created by John Teasdale and Justin Robert Young and designed by Meg Paradise and Faun Chapin of Guts & Glory.

The Contender is a political debate card game "The deck brings you hundreds of one-liners based on real presidential quotes that you’ll combine to beat your opponents in the debate of the century." Check it out over at Kickstarter and

The Contender offers:

  • Presidential debate party game.

  • 500 cards (40 debate topic cards and 460 argument cards)

  • Argument cards are based on quotes from actual presidential candidates.

  • Bi-partisan. Made in the USA.

  • No political knowledge required.

What's In The Box: The Contender

I have yet to play the game, but i am pleased with what was delivered.  When I backed the project I chose the politically incorrect option, which looks like it will deliver at that.  Did you back the project? Or are you interested in your own copy? The contender can be found at or

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