Luke Cage #1

Harlem’s Super Hero Returns in Marvel’s Luke Cage: City of Fire

Change is coming — and it starts here. This October, Marvel brings readers a new hard-hitting story, LUKE CAGE: CITY OF FIRE. … More

Marvel’s Halloween Celebration Returns with Marvel Halloween Comic Book Extravaganza!

On October 27th, visit your local participating comic shop for MARVEL HALLOWEEN COMIC BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA! The Halloween retailer event is … More

New Eternals one-shot by Ralph Macchio and Ramón Bachs

The Future of Ikaris and the Eternals Is Threatened in Eternals Forever #1!

This October, fans of the Eternals will be able to immerse themselves in the captivating mythology of Jack Kirby’s classic … More

Joe Jusko’s Incredible ‘Marvel Masterpieces’ Illustrations Are Back on New Covers!

Acclaimed artist Joe Jusko’s iconic Marvel Masterpieces trading card illustrations are cemented into the hearts of every Marvel fan who … More

The Impact of Doctor Strange’s Death Is Felt Across the Marvel Universe in New Tie-Ins!

The final saga of Doctor Strange is upon us! This September, the Marvel Universe will lose its Sorcerer Supreme in … More

Marvel Reveal Star Wars Wanted Poster Covers From Artist David Nakayama

STAR WARS: WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS, the crossover that’s overtaken the galaxy, heats up this August! The story, set … More

Mystique Prepares to Take Her Revenge in New Inferno #1 Cover by Artgerm!

In a saga that will serve as the next pivotal chapter in writer Jonathan Hickman’s vision for mutantkind, Mystique is … More

Marvel Reveals New Trial of Magneto #1 Covers!

We have learned that the Scarlet Witch’s shocking murder will be the mystery behind the upcoming series, X-MEN: THE TRIAL … More

Rob Liefeld Returns to X-Force in 30th Anniversary Special!

Rob Liefeld’s X-FORCE: KILLSHOT arrives in November 2021.

Marvel Comics Wants To Know Who Did You Become When the Lights Went Out?

Tom Taylor and Iban Coello’s DARK AGES promises more transformations and new threats this fall!

Miles Morales Teams up with the Marvel Universe in New 10th Anniversary Covers!

All-star artists celebrate Miles Morales’ 10th anniversary starting in September!

New Team of Writers Takes Spider-Man Beyond Your Wildest Expectations in Amazing Spider-Man #75!

Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, and Patrick Gleason bring you a new era of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN this October!

Beware!!!! Winter Hulk Is Coming…

Get your first look at the cover of AVENGERS #48, on sale in September!

Marvel Ready To Go Spider-Man Beyond!

Stay tuned tomorrow for information on this exciting new Amazing Spider-Man era from Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells!

It’s Thor vs Captain America on Olivier Coipel’s New Thor #15 Cover!

The new story arc in Donny Cates THOR run kicks off in July 2021.

Ka-Zar Returns More Powerful Than Ever in New Series!

Zac Thompson and Germán García team up for KA-ZAR: LORD OF THE SAVAGE LAND this September!

The New X-Men Stand Fearless Against Incredible Enemies in the X-Men #1

Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz’s X-MEN #1 will be ON THE SHELF on July 7th!

Marvel Free Comic Book Day 2021 Features All-New Stories Starring the Avengers, Spider-Man, and More!

Check out the covers of Marvel’s upcoming Free Comic Book Day titles, available on August 14th

The X-Men’s World Goes up in Flames in Jonathan Hickman’s Inferno!

Get your first look at the upcoming X-Men epic in a new piece by artist Mark Brooks

The Return of an Iconic Villain, a New Local Cap, and More in United States of Captain America #4!

Get your first look at Ari Agbayani, a new Captain America-inspired hero debuting this September!

New Comic Book Series Travels Across the Marvel Timestream to Discover the Origin of Kang!

KANG THE CONQUERER #1 from writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Carlos Magno launches this August!

Discover the Fate of the Infinity Stones in the Startling Conclusion of Infinite Destinies!

The final chapters of INFINITE DESTINIES hit stands this August!

Steve Rogers Teams up with an All-New Shield-Bearer in the United States of Captain America #3!

Meet Joe Gomez, the Kickapoo Tribe’s own Captain America, created by Darcie Little Badger and David Cutler

Moon Knight’s New Mission…Is Justice!

The Moon Knight you’ve been demanding by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappucio this July.

Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley Reunite for More Spider-Man: Life Story!

Return to this fascinating real-time world in August with SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY ANNUAL #1

Shang-Chi Prepares for His Showdown with Spider-Man on Michael Cho’s Cover

A new era of Shang-Chi kicks off on May 19th!

Spider-Man’s Greatest Villains Take on the Marvel Universe in New Covers


Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Landmark Run on Captain America Comes to an End

Behold the Remarkable End of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Landmark Run on Captain America! Captain America #30 Arrives in June

Get Ready to Experience the Reign of X’s Upcoming Slate from Marvel Comics

Check out a timeline for exciting new X-Men launches from Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Dugan, and more!

Extreme Carnage Comes for One of Marvel’s Deadliest Symbiotes!

Writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Chris Mooneyham reunite for another chapter in the saga of Scream this July!

The Debut of the New X-Men Team, the Reveal of Mutantkind’s Masterplan

The Debut of the New X-Men Team, the Reveal of Mutantkind’s Masterplan, and More Await at the Hellfire Gala! June’s Hellfire Gala Issues Revealed!

Reimagined Heroes Debut and Dangerous New Threats Emerge in the Heroes Reborn

Everything and everyone you knew in the Marvel Universe has been reborn!

Scarlet Witch, Magik, and More Get the Spotlight on Newly Revealed Women of Marvel #1 Covers!

Check out new WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 Variant Covers by Peach Momoko, Amanda Conner, and Maria Wolf

Uncover the Secrets of the Chameleon Conspiracy in Upcoming Issues of Amazing Spider-Man

Nick Spencer’s extraordinary run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN continues in June with Uncover the Secrets of the Chameleon Conspiracy.

The Infinity Stones Make Their Long-Awaited Return in Infinite Destinies!

Marvel’s biggest heroes clash over the greatest power in the universe in a series of annuals starting in June

Four Generations of Captain America Team up in New Series to Celebrate the Iconic Hero

Writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Dale Eaglesham lead an all-star team of talent in THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Power Princess Heads into Battle in Artgerm’s Heroes Reborn #1 Cover

Dive into a world without Avengers on May 5th!

The Future Catches up to Nathan Summers in Marvel’s Cable #12!

Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto’s masterplan for mutantkind’s greatest soldier is revealed this June

Peach Momoko Transforms Black Widow, Nightcrawler, and More in Demon Days: Mariko!

Peach Momoko’s DEMON DAYS saga continues in June!

The Greatest Wedding Ceremony in the History of the Marvel Universe!

This June, you’re cordially commanded to attend the wedding of Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four #33!

New Covers by Stephanie Hans Celebrate the Legacy of Black Knight

Each issue of BLACK KNIGHT: CURSE OF THE EBONY BLADE will have a connecting LEGEND OF BLACK KNIGHT VARIANT COVER by Stephanie Hans!

Explore the Mystery Behind Heroes Reborn in Newly Revealed June Covers!

Check out the covers of Heroes Reborn #5-7 and the Heroes Reborn one-shots coming your way in June!

Celebrate 30 Bloody Years of the Merc with the Mouth with Deadpool: Black, White, and Blood!

The Merc with the Mouth gets the Black, White, and Blood treatment this August! 2021!

A Cinematic Horror Icon Makes Its Marvel Comics Debut in the Alien #1

Get your first look at ‘Alien’ #1 by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca!

Reptil… on the Brink of Extinction!

The breakout young hero stars in a new series from Terry Blas and Enid Balám!

Marvel Comics Has Big Surprises in Store for the Fantastic Four’s 60th Anniversary!

New artwork from Valerio Schiti teases upcoming Fantastic Four storyline

The Bride of Doom! Arrives in Fantastic Four #32

Stunning new arc kicks off in May’s FANTASTIC FOUR #32!

See What’s on the Horizon for X-Men and X-Factor in Newly Revealed May Covers!

Surprising developments in store for the two hit series when they return in May

Gene Luen Yang and Dike Ruan Return This May with Shang-Chi #1!

Shang-Chi VS. The Marvel Universe!