Hannah’s Novel Notions: A Review of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

Attention idiots! Sorry…I’m not one to pass up a good movie reference. My name is Hannah and I’m excited to say that I’m the newest contributor to this site. Exactly who am I? Well, I’m the kind of person who pronounces words wrong because I’ve only ever seen them in novels. I’m a writer and reader who always has far too many books few bookshelves. I love words, but generally only the written kind, since people who talk too much keep me from my reading. []

What are those ratings for?

Hello Collectors, I wanted to upload a quick summary of how we rate movies, collectibles, comics, and all things geek. Below are a series of images we use to indicate quality (Poor, Fair, Good, and Mint) The odd colored fair is in case we rate something low because it defied expectations or was something a very select group of people will like, but the rest are just stylistic choices. We use M for Mint, G for Good, F for Fair, and P []