A Review of The Tomb of the Sea Witch by Kyle Robert Schultz

I bet you think you know the story of Ariel. We've seen the movie: The red-haired mermaid sells her voice to a sea witch to meet a prince she's never talked to before, she has adventures, things go downhill (because nobody saw that coming), but after some epic music and acts of true love she marries her prince and they live happily ever after.

Lets Revisit A Review of Rogue One #1 by @Jody_Houser

Star Wars. Jody Houser. Comic books. Three of my favorite things. All of which have been miraculously wrapped up into a single entity: Rogue One #1, the Rogue One comic book adaptation. This comic was released on April 5th, which was really not as soon as I wanted it to come out. Needless to say, I bought a copy as soon as I could and started reading it on my walk back from the comic book shop to the car.

A Review of Out of Darkness by E.B. Dawson By @_HannahHeath

Have you ever read a book where you are both fiercely proud and insanely protective of the main character? One moment you're thinking, "Yeah, don't mess with this characters! She'll take you down. Get outta her way!"and the next thing you know you're screaming, "NOOO! Don't hurt her. She is a precious baby!" I hope so.

Hannah's Novel Notions: A Review of @YenPress's Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 1 by Hiro Ainana

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Vol 1 by Hiro Ainana. That's one long title, but that's not why it caught my eye.

I noticed it because it's one of the many, many manga where the plot revolves around a character getting stuck inside of a video game. A plot line that has been used to death in mangas and animes. Also a plot line that I never seem to tire of.

Where the Woods Grow Wild by Nate Philbrick

When people think of fantasy novels, they usually think of woods. Trees and rivers and magic and elves and great battles. Those are common parts of fantasy novels, which is why I'm always expecting something along those lines when I pick up a book in the fantasy genre. But the last fantasy novel I read surprised me. It had woods, like most others. How could it not? With a name like Where the Woods Grow Wild, I'd feel cheated if it didn't. But its woods were different from the ones I'm used to seeing in other books. And instead of elves, I got shapeshifters and less-than-elegant dryads. In place of great battles, I got struggles on a smaller, more personal scale.