An Audit of Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve!

Greetings fellow Geeks, Freaks, and Nerds! Today I bring a book to the table that the famed Peter Jackson of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit has signed on to do a movie after. Yes, that Peter Jackson! I'm a huge fan of all of his movies, even the 1996 move The Frighteners. I have your attention now? Ok, down the rabbit hole we go!

An Audit of Red Sister by Mark Lawrence!

Greetings fellow Geeks, Freaks, and Nerds! I stumbled upon this book while walking the many cool shelves at a local Barnes and Noble. I actually didn't find it, it found me through the hands of a young lady who had just finished it. Now, I tend to take suggestions from the book store employees with a major grain of salt because they're sometimes pushing a book because some else told them too, but the enthusiasm that she gave off was too much to pass on this one, and I'm glad I didn't pass.

An Audit of The Aeronaut's Windlass!

Greetings fellow Geeks, Freaks, and Nerds! I know, it's been a while since Goody has graced you with his written words, lol. But Alas, I'M BACK!!

I've been reading lots of books while absent from our glorious site and today I'm going to mark my return with a brilliant new series from one of my favorite authors.... Mr. Jim Butcher. For those of you who aren't familiar with Jim's work, he's best known for his Dresden Files series where it follows the adventures and hardships of Harry Dresden, wizard, who works as a supernatural private investigator in Chicago, dealing with paranormal crimes and consulting for the Chicago Police Department. It's one of my favorite series of books and comes with a high grade recommendation from me.

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: PHASMA! By Delilah S. Dawson

Phasma was one of the big anticipated characters before The Force Awakens was released into theaters back in December of 2015, and as many of you who saw the film, which who didn't, she was quickly a huge disappointment. Well, not so much anymore folks. With this latest book by Delilah S. Dawson, Phasma's past and character was not only explored, but it was given to us in great detail.

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: THRAWN! By Timothy Zahn

Words can't begin to express how excited I was when this beautiful little gem arrived on my door step on the day of its release. I've been looking forward to this book ever since it was announced that Thrawn was receiving a new book, but more importantly, that the original author who wrote about him in the now "Legends" canon was doing the writing, and let me tell you folks...... I was not disappointed by Zahn's work with one of my favorite all-time Star Wars characters. Although, there are a few subtle differences from the original character to this new one that we first saw in Star Wars Rebels on Disney and to the one in the book, but we'll dive into that in a bit.

The Future of Star Wars...

Recently, we here at Constant Collectible, have been doing a ton of speculation about the future of the Star Wars Universe. If you've been keeping up with our podcasts on Thursday nights then you've seen some of that and when I saw "some" I mean to say that you've seen the so-called tip of the ice-burg. We love to speculate especially when new news come out and we do most of it vie texting and emails to one another.

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Empire's End! By @ChuckWendig

Del Rey's favorite and most acclaimed author makes a return to the Star Wars universe to finish the Aftermath's Trilogy in the highly anticipated book Empire's End........ NOT!

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Sweet Lullaby, Issue #'s 1,2, and 3!

A new spy/assassin comic book with a female lead? Count me in! Constant Collectible has been granted a first hand look at Darby Pop Publishing’s new series called Sweet Lullaby, an all-new sexy spy thriller co-created by writer AJ Scherkenbach and artist J. Briscoe Allison.

Goody’s Publication Audit: A review of Star Wars: CATALYST - A ROGUE ONE NOVEL!

Let me begin by telling you all that this book is not, I repeat NOT required to read prior to seeing the move Rogue One. It will help in a few ways in terms of character development and the relationships between some of them, but other than that it's not needed. So, with that said, let's don our Mandalorian armor, kick in some doors of some bounties and start blasting away.

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Ahsoka!

It's the return of the Togrutan ex-padawan Jedi! SHE LIVES!! Ok, maybe that was a little too dramatic, but it's exciting none the less! For those who aren't too familiar or have no clue as to who I might be talking about, I'm referring to Anakin Skywalkers ex-apprentice during the Clone Wars TV series. Why is she his ex-apprentice? Well, you'll just have to watch the TV series to find out, trust me, you'll love it. The Togruta's are a race of people from the planet Shili. Another notable Torgruta is the Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

Goody’s Guide To The Galaxy! – Star Wars Authors!

Over the past couple of years since the acquisition of LucasFilm by Disney, we've seen a revamping of the Star Wars universe. You've read my rants about it, and if you're a true fan you've probably had or even still have issues with how Disney threw the expanded universe in the trash. I'll try not to continue that rant in this post. I tend to foam at the mouth and get this crazy look in my eyes when I do which causes my fellow contributors to mysteriously disappear for long lunches or breaks throughout the day. I think a "panic room" has been installed without my knowledge.

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Life Debt! By @ChuckWendig 

Del Rey brings us the second volume of the Aftermath Trilogy titled Life Debt by Chuck Wendig. The title being pretty self-explanatory about the major plot within the book.

Goody's Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Bloodline!

The story line focuses on Senator Leia Organa and her involvements with the New Republics Senate, which is roughly 6 years before Episode 7 - The Force Awakens. Now, something that hasn't been addressed in any of the new canon books/novels is Han and Leia's relationship in regards to if they are or are not married. In the old canon they did tie the knot. But, as you can see above, Leia still goes by her maiden name of Organa.

The Rumor Mill: Reys Parentage From Star Wars.

Ok, let's get something straight here. I'm not saying this rumor is true or not, it's a rumor. So don't hate on Goody when ya read this. With that said................................

Goody’s Guide To The Galaxy! – The Millennium Falcon!

Oh yeah Constant Collectors!! It's time for another episode of Goody's Guide to the Galaxy and I can't think of any better topic right now than the most famous (or infamous) ship in the entire galaxy, the Millennium Falcon!! If you don't know what the Millennium Falcon is, well you've led a sad and lonely life, and need to get out. But, for those of you who do know this beloved freighter, you might not know her true history or origin. So, strap in collectors, we're going on a ride.... PUNCH IT CHEWIE!!

Game On: The Inquisitor's TIE Fighter!

Game on old friend! So, I received my latest Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures expansion pack yesterday, The Inquisitor's TIE! For those of you who are questioning why I capitalized "TIE" it's because it stands for Twin Ion Engine. Most fans know why, but some of you may be new to our badass universe, which is why I'm here to guide you. And no, you can't hold my hand through these journey's. Well, maybe a couple of you can.... you know who you are.

On The Shelf: The Official Star Wars Timeline Canon!

So I've had several requests from readers and from the my fellow staffers so I should have done this far sooner. So I dedicate this posting to Hannah and Susannah! Here ya go ladies. Maybe I should just print this, fold them into paper airplanes, and thrown them across the office at ya. Never mind, I probably couldn't make it over Hannah's stacks of books anyways, lol. 

A Blast From The Past Review From @ChadGriffin12 's Publication Audit: A Review Of Star Wars: A New Dawn!

I feel really foolish for not posting this review much much earlier! I had this book, the problem was that I bought ten books all at once from B&N and when I got home it got lost in the shuffle. Which is totally NOT me! I'm so freaking weird about my books. I have stacks of books to read in my office/studio at home and they're stacking in the order of which to read first on top and i'm constantly reorganizing it, such a tard!