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@ActionLab Creators Garner Several Ringo Awards Nominations!

The Ringo Awards recently announced their nominations for 2019. Several Action Lab creators have made the list! Nominations (and congratulations) go to:


Rylend Grant (ABERRANT) for Best Writer Nomination

In response to the nominations, creator/writer Rylend Grant had this to say:

"I am so wildly stunned, humbled, and earth shatteringly excited to have been nominated for a pair of Ringo Awards today... along side first ballot hall of famers like Brian Michael Bendis, Jeff Lemire, Scott Snyder, Brian K. Vaughan, no less. I still have yet to fully process it. This is very much a 'pinch me' moment.

"It's a tough go for indy books out there right now, so I consider this a big victory. Having that 'Ringo Award Nominee' seal on your book is a BIG deal. They are taste makers. Hopefully, this inspires discerning readers to give those ABERRANT trade paperbacks a real shot. I'm extremely proud of the work my team did on this series... particularly on that Ringo-nominated (for best single issue) Issue #4."

ABERRANT #4 for Best Single Issue or Story Nomination

Aberrant Volume 1
By Rylend Grant

THE GHOST, THE OWL for Best Original Graphic Novel

Writer Franco had this to say about the nomination:

"Surprised! Humbled! I knew we had something special the minute I saw the first pages from Sara come in, but to be recognized in this nomination was something that resonated with me, because it was from the fans. Being nominated for a Ringo is a true highlight in my life."

Artist Sara Richard added:

"I'm still in shock! I worked so hard on this book and it was a true dream to create a story so meaningful with Franco. I'm so happy the fans love it too, it's such a motivation boost and from the heart, it means the world."

JUPITER JET for Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel

Co-writer Jason Inman had this to say about the nomination:

"It was always our goal to make our comic Jupiter Jet an amazing read for comic readers of all ages, so it's humbling to be recognized by the Ringo Awards in the Best Kids Comic / Graphic Novel."

Fellow co-writer Ashley Victoria Robinson had this to say:

"We are beyond flattered by this Ringo Awards nomination! Jupiter Jet has been a labour of love and epitomizes the types of comics we want to see it the world. It is a blessing to have readers agree!"

Jupiter Jet Volume 1
By Jason Inman, Ashley Victoria Robinson

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