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Zag Entertainment's MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR superhero television show won the Teen Choice Awards in 2018 for Best Animated series, beating out the shows Bob's Burgers,Family GuyRick and MortySteven Universe and The Simpsons. TEEN CHOICE Awards '18-3.jpg

Comics publisher Action Lab Entertainment produces comic book adaptations from the award-winning television show as well as original stories you can't see on TV, including MIRACULOUS ADVENTURES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR: THE TRASH KRAKKEN.

The Miraculous series follows Marinette - the sweetest girl in Paris. Marinette has a huge crush on a boy at school, a big dream of becoming a fashion designer, and a big problem with being totally awkward. She's just your average teenage girl, right? Wrong! With the help of her magical kwami friend Tikki, Marinette becomes the crime fighter Ladybug. Fighting alongside her is the puntastic superhero Cat Noir, and Marinette has no idea he's actually her crush Adrien!

The two heroes fight against Hawk Moth, a villain who uses his mind-controlling, moth-like creatures called akuma to turn people into baddies! Will Ladybug and Cat Noir be able to balance their double lives and keep Paris safe? Will they ever find out each other's true identity, or who's behind Hawk Moth's mask? Until then – there's a whole city of baddies to defeat... SPOTS ON, CLAWS OUT!

Just around the corner from MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR comes the SANTA CLAWS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, releasing October 2018. This stand-alone Christmas special follows Ladybug after she’s accidentally gets Santa Claus akumatized by Hawk Moth! Now Santa Claws, he is determined to make this Christmas Eve the worst in Paris's history. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to save Christmas?

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