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Discover Just What The (Supernatural) Doctor Ordered in December 2018

HEX VET: WITCHES IN TRAINING, an all-new hardcover original graphic novel from cartoonist Sam Davies (Stutterhug), on-sale in December everywhere books are sold.

Hex Vet: Witches In Training TPB (2018)

In a world where magic is a part of daily life, Nan and Clarion are determined to be the best veterinarian witches of all time. Between life, animals, and magic, these two witches will soon realize that they have a lot to learn—and not just about how to help a ghost cat have kittens. This story will take Nan and Clarion on fun adventures where they will get to learn more about each other, their strengths as veterinarians, and their equal passion for magical animals. Hopefully they’ll be up to the challenge of running a clinic, saving lives, and staying on their boss’ good side!

“Do you love animals? Magic? Young students who work hard because they are determined to be the best? HEX VET has it all,” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Sam has created a world full of love, laughs and magical surprises around every corner as Nan and Clarion study to become the best witches possible. If they get to help some magical creatures along the way? Even better. It’s a fun-filled adventure with two very different people who might learn that they have more in common than they think.”

HEX VET: WITCHES IN TRAINING will be available for sale in December 2018. Will you be picking up a copy? Which book(s) are on YOUR Pull List? Let us know in the comment section below.  Also, don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to all things Constant Collectible so YOU can keep up to date with all the news and reviews from a world of GEEK CULTURE.

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