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What better way to spend the summer than in a nice, air-conditioned convention center with some of your favorite Devil's Due creators! Check out who will be where this month below:

  • Wizard World Columbus - 6/8 to 6/10 Columbus OH
  • GUESTS - Dirk Manning (Nightmare WorldTales of Mr. Rhee) - K. Lynn Smith (Plume)
  • HeroesCon - 6/15 to 6/17 Charlotte NC
  • GUESTS - K. Lynn Smith - Sherard Jackson (Galaxys For HireSemantic Lace) - Daniel Leister (Lord of Gore)
  • Days of the Dead - 6/22 to 6/24 Indianapolis IN
  • GUEST - D.B. Stanley (Lord of Gore)
  • Lake Effect Comic Con - 6/24 Mentor OH
  • GUEST - Dirk Manning

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