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The Pull List: @ImageComics Continues To Celebrate 25yr Anniversary With Final Month Of Covers In Tribute To #THEWALKINGDEAD

Image Comics is pleased to reveal the six of 30 variants planned for the final month of 25th anniversary variants—October covers in homage of iconic THE WALKING DEAD cover designs. This final month of variants will pay tribute to some of the hottest, most jaw-dropping moments from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s long-running, and industry-changing series that went on to become a pop culture phenomenon.

ELSEWHERE #3 by Jay Faerber & Sumeyye Kesgin, cover by Kesgin & Riley

EXTREMITY #7 by Daniel Warren Johnson, cover by Johnson


POSTAL #23 by Bryan Hill & Isaac Goodhart, cover by Goodhart

REGRESSION #5 by Cullen Bunn & Danny Luckert, cover by Luckert

SOUTHERN CROSS #13 by Andy Belanger & Becky Cloonan, cover by Cloonan

SLOTS #1 by Dan Panosian, cover by Panosian

Available in stores on Wednesday, October 11th

BIRTHRIGHT #27 by Joshua Williamson, Adriano Lucas & Andrei Bressan, cover by Bressan & Lucas

BLACK SCIENCE #32 by Rick Remender & Matteo Scalera, cover by Harren

ROYAL CITY #6 by Jeff Lemire, cover by Lemire

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #32 by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie, cover by McKelvie

Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD #6 by Chad Bowers & Jim Towe, cover by Liefeld

Available in stores on Wednesday, October 18th (Final order cutoff deadline Monday, September 25th):

CURSE WORDS #9 by Charles Soule & Ryan Browne, cover by Browne

DESCENDER #25 by Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen, cover by Nguyen

GENERATION GONE #4 Ales Kot & Andre Araujo, cover by Araujo

GRRL SCOUTS: MAGIC SOCKS #6 by Jim Mahfood, cover by Mahfood

HORIZON #15 by Brandon Thomas, Juan Gedeon & Mike Spicer, cover by Gedeon & Spicer

KILL THE MINOTAUR #5 by Chris Pasetto, Christian Cantamessa, Jean-Francois Beaulieu & Lukas Ketner, cover by Ketner & Beaulieu

MANIFEST DESTINY #32 by Chris Dingess, Matthew Roberts & Owen Gieni, cover by Roberts & Gieni

THE REALM #2 by Seth M. Peck & Jeremy Haun, cover by Jeremy Haun

ROCKSTARS #8 by Joe Harris & Megan Hutchison, cover by Hutchison (Diamond Code AUG170718)

SPY SEAL #3 by Rich Tommaso, cover by Tomasso

Available in stores on Wednesday, October 25th

ANGELIC #2 by Si Spurrier & Caspar Wijngaard, cover by Wijngaard

COPPERHEAD #15 by Jay Faerber, Drew Moss & Ron Riley, cover by Godlewski & Riley

CROSSWIND #5 by Gail Simone & Cat Staggs, cover by Staggs

GASOLINA #2 by Sean Mackiewicz, Mat Lopes & Niko Walter, cover by Walter & Lopes

HACK/SLASH: RESURRECTION #1 by Tini Howard, Celor, K. Michael Russell, cover by Rugg

THE HARD PLACE #3 by Doug Wagner & Nic Rummel, cover by Rummel

SPAWN #279 by Todd McFarlane, cover by McFarlane

UNDERWINTER: A FIELD OF FEATHERS #1 by Ray Fawkes, cover by Fawkes

WAYWARD #24 by Jim Zub & Steven Cummings, cover by Cummings & Royce “Fooray” Southerland

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