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On The Shelf: @Imagecomics Set To Collect Atomahawk Into A Deluxe Oversized Edition

ATOMAHAWK by Donny Cates (GOD COUNTRY, REDNECK), Ian Bederman, and Taylor Esposito will be collected into a deluxe, full-color, oversized edition and available this October. Atomahawk

First serialized in Heavy Metal magazine, ATOMAHAWK is the out-of-this-world adventure of the Cyberzerker and his mighty Atomahawk. Readers will join them on their quest to free their imprisoned God.

Atomahawk is what we call an ‘UNBREAKABLE STORY.’ Meaning anything can happen, and the story will remain in check, said Cates in an interview with Image+magazine. “Time travel? Sure! Alien Gladiator games set on a giant rotting Frankenstein body stranded in space? Why not? We have SO MANY badass and insane ideas to show you all. HE-MAN FRONTING IRON MAIDEN AS LEAD SINGER WITH THE VOLUME TURNED UP TO LSD!!!! It's a lot of fun, folks!”

ATOMAHAWK #0 will be ON THE SHELF Wednesday, October 11th. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

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