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Ghost Wolf: The Horde of Fangs #2

Story: El Torres Art: JuanFraMB Color: Pilar Jaime

The Horde of Fangs scour the Northlands for rebels and southerners. They know they are in the right path and the victory is near, for the Ghost Wolf is by their side! But Mara, the last Ghost Wolf stands in their way… until she realizes she must face his own guardian spirit!

The acclaimed miniseries Ghost Wolf from award-winner writer El Torres thunders its way to comic shops with a new story arc! A bloody and vengeful epic saga that all sword-and-sorcery aficionados must read, with the spectacular art by new talent JuanFra MB!

32pgs, FC $3. 99


The Last Hunt

Story: Hannu Kesola Art: Paul Moore Color: Beth Varni

A routine run to the dry wasteland known as Earth goes bad when the cargo ship Ragzon, breaks down. But that’s nothing compared to the nightmare its crew faces when they help out a trio of scientists on their last legs. No good deed goes unpunished in “The Last Hunt”!

32pgs, FC, $3. 99


Our resolicit... DRUMS!

Writer: El Torres Artists: Abel García, Kráneo Color:  Fran Gamboa Cover Artist: Raúl Allen

FBI agent Martin Irons is tasked to investigate the bizarre deaths at a Santeria ritual in the heart of Florida. As a foreboding storm swarms over the city, one of the victims comes back as a zombie and puts Irons’ case in a whole new category. With the Santerian drums beating as the thunder rolls, Irons and his team look to find answers for the deaths, while also trying to prevent more tragedy!

120pgs, FC, $19. 99

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