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On The Shelf: Cannibal #5 coming Soon From @Imagecomics and @BrianBooch

New York Times bestselling writer Brian Buccellato (SONS OF THE DEVIL, The Flash, Injustice), co-writer Jennifer Young, and artist Matías Bergara (Sons of Anarchy) will dive into a new story arc in their ongoing southern-fried horror series CANNIBAL this May.In the small Everglades town of Willow, the cannibal pandemic has only just begun. Told through the eyes of the Hansen family, it’s an anti-apocalypse story about a community that’s just too damn stubborn to give in.

a3443181-bd2c-48b7-b4ff-3cec29494932.jpg In CANNIBAL #5, folks come to grips with the reality of cannibals, and Jolene’s fate is revealed. CANNIBAL #5 will be ON THE SHELF Wednesday, May 10th. Will you pick up a copy of Cannibal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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