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From art director of FX's Archer, Neal Holman!


W) Neal Holman (A/CA) Clayton McCormack (C) Kelly Fitzpatrick ALTERNATE COVER illustrated by David Kuettel and Kat Stockton FOC: 2/6/17 IN STORES: 3/8/17 AGE RANGE: Mature, 17+ GENRE: Sci-fi, Dark Comedy PRICE: $3.99 32 PAGES
 MARS. The near future-ish. A bomb takes out a city block on Harrison Station. The media rush to blame the local terrestrials (re: aliens), however Superintendent Denton Coyle has a feeling that it may not be so simple... or maybe that feeling is Coyle’s hangover gut bomb. It’s unclear... like a 50/50 shot, it’s a mistake or explosive diarrhea. Maybe it’s both? In other words, it’s yet another Tuesday on Mars.
This tale erupts with a literal bang, and follows the efforts of one grizzled investigator on Mars trying to uncover the truth behind an alien terrorist plot… even though everyone else would prefer it just remain hidden.

LETTER 44 #31

(W) Charles Soule (A/CA) Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque (C) Dan Jackson FOC: 2/27/17 IN STORES: 3/22/17 AGE RANGE: Mature, 16+ GENRE: Sci-fi PRICE: $3.99 32 PAGES
No one knows when the end will come, only that it will come, and soon. There is no hope for the world, but humanity remains intact. On Mars, the crew of the Clarke are lost in a last-ditch effort to keep the Builders from taking what they want most—Astra—and leaving the rest of them for dead. Charlotte is determined to keep Astra with her family until the end—whenever it may come.


(W) Janet Harvey (A/CA) Megan Levens (C) Nick Filardi FOC: 2/20/17 IN STORES: 3/15/17 AGE RANGE: Mature, 16+ GENRE: Noir, Mystery PRICE: $3.99 32 PAGES
In the thrilling conclusion to Angel City, Dolores and Joe must fight their way out of a tight corner, and go up against the cops, the mob, and even city hall to get justice for Frances’s murder. But even if they find the people responsible, can Dolores wring a confession from them before the clock runs out?


(W) Kyle Starks (A) Marc Ellerby (C) Katy Farina (CA) CJ Cannon with Katy Farina ALTERNATE COVER illustrated by Sfé R. Monster FOC: 3/6/17 IN STORES: 3/29/17 AGE RANGE: Ages 16+ GENRE: Humor, Sci-fi PRICE: $3.99 32 PAGES
In this special one-shot illustrated by series backup artist Marc Ellerby, Rick, Morty, and Summer find themselves stranded on an alien ship. But could the ship be HAUNTED? Yes, I mean, it probably is.


(W) Eric Trueheart (A/CA) Warren Wucinich ALTERNATE COVER illustrated by KC Green FOC: 3/13/17 IN STORES: 4/5/17 AGE RANGE: Ages 10+ GENRE: Humor, Sci-fi PRICE: $3.99 32 PAGES
Okay, let’s see… according to the script, this one’s pretty intense! Oh wait, that’s “in tents,” because Dib and ZIM go on a class camping trip. Oh wait, it’s alsointense, because there’s a radioactive bear! Wait, a “radio alert” about an “active bear.” Either way, it’s gonna be intense!


(W/A/C/CA) John Allison FOC: 4/24/17 IN STORES: 5/17/17 AGE RANGE: Ages 10+ GENRE: Humor, Mystery PRICE: $14.99 128 PAGES
Time is a fickle creature, especially when there’s a wormhole in the science cupboard. When a strange boy who seems far too entranced by cellphones appears, it’s up to Lottie, Shauna, and Mildred to figure out his strange purposes.

The Case of the Forked Road, the seventh book in John Allison’s (Giant Days) award-winning Bad Machinery series, finds our young sleuths facing the intricacies of time and space itself. What is their science teacher hiding? Who is the mysterious Calvin, why is he dressed like it’s 1960, and why is he obsessed with Communists? And another thing: just what is going on with Jack, Sonny, and Linton?


(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov (A/CA) Joe Infurnari (C) Gonzalo Duarte FOC: 5/1/17 IN STORES: 5/24/17 AGE RANGE: Mature, 17+ GENRE: Sci-fi PRICE: $19.99 139 PAGES
As Grady Potts’ political star rises, Daniel finally realizes what he must do to ensure he doesn’t poison the world’s population, and it isn’t pretty. Natasha is on hand—actually, both Natashas are—but the consequences of his actions may change the future for the worse. Heidi is still imprisoned, but just like Billy, she’s got an advocate on the outside. In this explosive final volume of the critically-acclaimed series, the fate of the world will be decided.

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