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On The Shelf: @ImageComics Set to Release A Land Called Tarot in Hardcover Edition

TAROT OTS.jpg A LAND CALLED TAROT, BELOVED ISLAND TALE, GETS HARDCOVER COLLECTION THIS FEBRUARY Gael Bertrand’s serialized fantasy collected for the first time.

Fan-favorite writer/artist Gael Bertrand will release his esoteric fantasy tale A LAND CALLED TAROT, originally serialized in ISLAND, in hardcover this February.

Follow the Knight of Swords as he explores and meets with the inhabitants of a Land called Tarot.

“Sometimes we yearn for closure and resolution, and sometimes all we need is going out for walk,” said Bertrand. “When in the mood for meditative meanderings, look no further than the great outdoors of A LAND CALLED TAROT.”

A LAND CALLED TAROT HC will be ON THE SHELF in your local comic book stores Wednesday, February 8th and bookstores Tuesday, February 14th. You can pre-order your copy HERE. If you choose to use our link please know that a little bit comes back our way so we may continue to deliver great content.

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