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Barely functioning as a team yet, and the Agents are already outnumbered and outgunned by an army of souped-up Equilibrium agents headed by the Steeltown Hammer! Who can even the score? Spoilers: it’s Kebec. Cover A- Bella Rachlin  $3.99  | Written byKalman Andrasofszky & Blake Northcott | Illustrated by Federica Manfredi | 32 pages, 6.25/10.18 | Full Color

FREELANCE #2 The CHAPTERVERSE continuesOn the trail of the murderous Apollyon, Lance and his team are led on a journey that takes them from beyond the Nanisivik Rift to the rooftops of Istanbul. Debuting in this issue: the mysterious Sidika! But is she friend, foe... or something else entirely?

Pulse-pounding action, wit, intrigue, and globe-trotting romance - One of Canada's original heroes is reborn for the Chapterhouse era by writers Andrew Wheeler (Another Castle) and Jim Zub (Thunderbolts), and artist Vaneda Vireak (51Hundred)! Cover - Alex Perkins $3.99 |  Written by Jim Zub & Andrew Wheeler | Illustrated by Vaneda Vireak | 32 pages, 6.25/10.18 | Full Color

LIFE, DEATH & SORCERY PART 4The last chapter in the first arc of the acclaimed fantasy series, Life, Death and Sorcery, is finally here! Pick up what Bleeding Cool calls- “legitimately one of the best books of the year”! Cover A- Danny Zabbal  $3.99  | Written by Danny Zabbal | Illustrated by Danny Zabbal | 32 pages, 6.25/10.18 | Full Color
ALL NEW CLASSIC CAPTAIN CANUCK VOL. 1: TIME CHASEThe Classic series continues will all new adventures of Captain Canuck! Lost in time, Captain Canuck must face aliens, cavemen, Mr Gold, and the new threat of Criterion as he tries to return home.

Ed Brisson (The Violent) teams up with Canuck veteran George Freeman (JLA, Star Wars) to bring you what Graphic Policy calls "A great collection that's worth the price of admission!" Collects All New Classic Captain Canuck #0-4. Cover - George Freeman $19.99 |  Written by Ed Brisson | Illustrated by George Freeman, Dave Ross & various | 144 pages, 6.25/10.18 | Full  

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