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Mr. Crypt finds himself in another dreadful situation.


Mr. Crypt finds himself in another dreadful situation as vampires have moved into town! Mr. Crypt and his new friend Godfrey must stop the evil blood-sucking menace before it’s too late (and he misses his bedtime!).

Mr. Crypt is an all-ages adventure that follows a lonely skeleton. His suit and fake mustache is the only thing that keeps angry villagers from chasing him around town. Joined by a pet rat that he discovers in an abandoned shack, Mr. Crypt does his best to be kind and optimistic in a town that fears and hates him.

MR. CRYPT #2 Written by Troy Vevasis with art by Aleksandar Jovic will be ON THE SHELF for $2.99, 24 pgs, Full Color, All Ages Horror over at

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