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Chapter House Comics November 2016 Solicitations

Chapter House Comics TPL

CCanuck_011_covB (2)CAPTAIN CANUCK #11CAPTAIN CANUCK 2015 ONGOING #11 (W) Kalman Andrasofszky (A) Leonard Kirk (CA) Kalman Andrasofszky (CA) Photo Mr. Gold has been a thorn in Captain Canuck’s side since the beginning, but what if the beginning is a lot further back than Canuck suspects? In Shops: Nov 30, 2016 SRP: $3.99


DIE KITTY DIE #2 CVR B PARENTDIE KITTY DIE #2 CVR A RUIZDIE KITTY DIE #2 (W) Fernando Ruiz, Dan Parent (A) Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz (CA) Dan Parent (CA) Fernando Ruiz Kitty Ravencraft, a beautiful and magical young witch, is the star of her own popular comic book. When her greedy, publicity-starved publisher wants to increase interest in her comic book, he does what many comic book publishers do these days – he sets out to kill his main character, Kitty! Even worse, he decides to really spike sales by killing the real Kitty in real life! The question is, though, how do you kill a witch? In Shops: Nov 16, 2016 SRP: $3.99


LIFE DEATH AND SORCERY #3LIFE DEATH AND SORCERY #3 SEP161514 (W) Danny Zabbal (A) Danny Zabbal (CA) Adam Cadwell The third chapter in the acclaimed fantasy series, Life, Death and Sorcery, returns! What will happen when Amelia, Coco, and Winnie, three sisters that run away from home, embark on an amazing adventure? Drama, humor, and magic, obviously! In Shops: Nov 16, 2016 SRP: $3.99


TRUE PATRIOT PRESENTS #1 VOL 1TRUE PATRIOT PRESENTS #1 VOL 1 SEP161515 (W) J. Torres (A) Various (CA) Jay Stephens True Patriot, the anthology of Canadian superheroes, returns as an ongoing bi-monthly series! In the premiere issue, Jay Stephens (Jetcat) continues the amazing adventures of Arrowhead. Fred Kennedy (Fourth Planet) and Rob Armstrong (Redhill Billy) give us the origin of Gull Girl. Plus, J. Bone (Rocketeer) and J. Torres (The Mighty Zodiac) tag team a True Patriot team-up featuring Grey Owl and Tundra from the Family Dynamic. In Shops: Nov 16, 2016 SRP: $3.99


TRUE PATRIOT VOLUME 1TRUE PATRIOT BUNDLE PACK TP VOL 01 SEP161516 (W) J. Torres (A) Various (CA) Jay Stephens, Tom Fowler Get both volumes of the All-Canadian anthology True Patriot in this wrapped bundle! From J. Torres (Teen Titans Go), creators include Ramon Perez (Hawkeye, Tale of Sand), Adrian Alphona (Uncanny X-Force), Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare), J. Bone (Rocketeer), Jack Briglio (Scooby Doo), Scott Chantler (Two Generals), Tom Fowler (Quantum & Woody), Adam Gorham (Zero), Faith Erin Hicks (The Last of Us), Fred Kennedy (Teuton, The 4th Planet), Tim Levins (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), Ron Salas (Dracula: Company of Monsters), Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays), J. Torres (Bigfoot Boy), Howard Wong (After the Cape), and Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth)! In Shops: Nov 16, 2016 SRP: $24.95

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