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The Pull List: @ImageComics November 206 Solicitations

Image Comics November 2016 Solicitations

Image Comics TPL


AD: AFTER DEATH: BOOK 1 (OF 3) – GEM OF THE MONTH STORY: SCOTT SNYDER ART / COVER: JEFF LEMIRE NOVEMBER 23 / 72 PAGES / FC / T / $5.99 SERIES PREMIERE What if we found a cure for death? Two of comics’ most acclaimed creators, SCOTT SNYDER (WYTCHES, Batman, American Vampire) and JEFF LEMIRE (DESCENDER, Moon Knight, Sweet Tooth) unite to create a three-part epic like no other, set in a future where a genetic cure for death has been found. Years after the discovery, one man starts to question everything, leading him on a mind-bending journey that will bring him face-to-face with his past and his own mortality. A unique combination of comics, prose, and illustration, A.D.: AFTER DEATH will be serialized monthly as three oversized prestige format books written by SNYDER and fully painted by LEMIRE.



FRONTIER #1 – GEM OF THE MONTH STORY / ART / COVER: JONATHAN HICKMAN NOVEMBER 16 / 56 PAGES / FC / M / $4.99 SERIES PREMIERE “TRANQUILITY” Double-sized first issue! The planets have aligned, and the prodigal son has returned! For the first time in eight years, JONATHAN HICKMAN (EAST OF WEST, BLACK MONDAY MURDERS, Secret Wars, Avengers) is both writing and drawing a new comic series: FRONTIER. It’s like Star Trek, but super depressing. Seriously. Not a joke. The final frontier…is a total bummer. Each issue contains galaxy-expanding bonus content like star maps, breakdowns of alien races, interstellar factions, and detailed spaceship schematics. FRONTIER is a brand new science fiction story about utopia lost, and how we might just gain it back.



MAYDAY #1 (OF 5) STORY: ALEX DE CAMPI ART: TONY PARKER & BLOND COVER A / B: TONY PARKER NOVEMBER 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 SERIES PREMIERE A Cold War action-thriller like no other. It’s 1971, and two young Soviet operatives are sent to California to kill a defector and recover top-secret information. As the mission falls apart into a mess of good sex, bad drugs, and ugly violence, the young Russians are faced with a dilemma: they need to rely on each other to escape America, but they must betray each other to survive Russia. By critically-acclaimed thriller writer ALEX DE CAMPI with art by TONY PARKER and BLOND.



VIOLENT LOVE #1 STORY: FRANK J. BARBIERE ART / COVERS A & B: VICTOR SANTOS NOVEMBER 9 / 40 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 SERIES PREMIERE Daisy Jane and Rock Bradley were two of the most notorious bank robbers in the American Southwest. And then they fell in love. Join FRANK J. BARBIERE (FIVE GHOSTS, The Revisionist) and VICTOR SANTOS (THE MICE TEMPLAR, Polar) for a pulp-infused criminal romance oozing with style and action! Double-sized debut issue!



CHEW #60 STORY: JOHN LAYMAN ART / COVER: ROB GUILLORY NOVEMBER 23 / 48 PAGES / FC / M / $5.99 SERIES FINALE Last issue. Double sized. Trifold cover. Epilogue.




CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2016 STORY: ANDREW AYDIN, ANINA BENNETT, JOE KEATINGE, LARRY MARDER, PAUL POPE, MK REED, DAN SCHKADE, MARY M. TALBOT, RONALD WIMBERLY ART: TIM FIELDER, PAUL GUINAN, JM KEN NIIMURA, PAUL POPE, DAN SCHKADE, BRYAN TALBOT, SHANNON WHEELER, RONALD WIMBERLY COVER A: NATE POWELL COVER B: BRANDON GRAHAM NOVEMBER 2 / 48 PAGES / FC / M / $4.99 “GREAT HEROES” Be The Change! CBLDF salutes the real people who changed the world, from suffragettes to sports legends, creative visionaries to courageous citizens who took a stand. CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL 2016 will inspire readers to go out and optimistically build a better world by telling the stories of the people who did just that! All proceeds from this benefit anthology support Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s important work protecting the freedom to read.



INVINCIBLE #133 STORY: ROBERT KIRKMAN ART: RYAN OTTLEY & JEAN-FRANCOIS BEAULIEU COVER: RYAN OTTLEY & DAVE MCCAIG NOVEMBER 16 / 24 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99 NEW STORY ARC “THE END OF ALL THINGS,” Part One RYAN OTTLEY returns as “THE END OF ALL THINGS” begins. This twelve-part mega-story will touch every corner of the INVINCIBLE Universe, and when it’s over…IT’S OVER. Every single story for the past thirteen years has been leading up to this.



NAILBITER #26 STORY: JOSHUA WILLIAMSON ART / COVER: MIKE HENDERSON NOVEMBER 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99 START OF A NEW STORY ARC! It’s starting to snow in Buckaroo, and with it comes the bloody truth of the Nailbiter. Are you ready to witness the horrible acts that got him that nickname?




PETER PANZERFAUST #24 STORY: KURTIS J. WIEBE ART / COVER: TYLER JENKINS NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $3.99 SERIES RETURN! “ON ‘TIL MORNING,” Part Four With the final clue uncovered, Peter, the Lost Boys, and an entire squad of the Mermaids track down the Hook to his secret base in Cherbourg. It’s the first meeting of the greatest adversaries in a year and the fate of the entire French Resistance depends on a final clash of swords.



SNOWFALL #7 STORY: JOE HARRIS ART / COVER: MARTÍN MORAZZO NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 “THE COLDEST WAR,” Part Two Decommissioned and disgraced, Prime-Level Assessor Davitika Deal fights her way out of Cooperative captivity only to discover New York City has been sacked using winter as a weapon of war…but it’s not the dreaded White Wizard making it snow now.



SOUTHERN BASTARDS #15 STORY: JASON AARON ART / COVER A: JASON LATOUR COVER B: Becky Cloonan NOVEMBER 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.50 NEW STORY ARC “GUT CHECK,” Part One Coach Boss holds sway over Craw County for one reason: he wins football games. But after the biggest, ugliest loss of his career, the coach must become more of a criminal than ever before, if he’s gonna keep ahead of his enemies. Enemies like Roberta Tubb, who’s come to town with a machine gun and some serious questions about how her daddy died. The 2015 Harvey Award-winning (Best New Series) and 2016 Eisner Award-winning (Best Continuing Series) southern-fried crime comic by JASON AARON & JASON LATOUR is back for another round of football, BBQ, and bloodshed!



THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #23 STORY: KIERON GILLEN ART: KEVIN WADA, JAMIE McKELVIE & MATT WILSON COVER A: JAMIE MCKELVIE & MATT WILSON COVER B: KEVIN WADA NOVEMBER 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.50 NEW STORY ARC “IMPERIAL PHASE I,” Part One Welcome to the November 2014 issue of Pantheon Monthly. Exclusive interviews with all your favorite gods. Plus! The first photographs of the Morrigan ever!



ARCLIGHT #3 STORY: BRANDON GRAHAM ART / COVER: MARIAN CHURCHLAND NOVEMBER 23 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 SERIES RETURN! Formally 8HOUSE: ARCLIGHT. Marian Churchland’s beautiful colored artwork tells the story of a knight stuck in an alien body.



THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS #4 STORY: JONATHAN HICKMAN ART / COVER: TOMM COKER NOVEMBER 9 / 56 PAGES / FC / M / $4.99 “BURY YOUR FAMILY, BURN YOUR ENEMIES” Been waiting to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes? Join us for a Rothschild funeral as the heads of the world’s secret houses of money attend. END OF ARC ONE.



CANNIBAL #2 STORY: BRIAN BUCCELLATO & JENNIFER YOUNG ART / COVER: MATÍAS BERGARA NOVEMBER 9 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 The second chapter from New York Times bestselling writer BRIAN BUCCELLATO & JENNIFER YOUNG… As the Hansen family reels from tragedy, Cash resorts to drastic measures in search of answers.



DEADLY CLASS #24 STORY: RICK REMENDER ART / COVER: WES CRAIG NOVEMBER 23 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 Saya loses her flock of new wards, only to find them again surrounded by a Little Tokyo Yakuza kill crew.





DEMONIC #4 (OF 6) STORY: CHRISTOPHER SEBELA ART / COVER: NIKO WALTER & DAN BROWN NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES/ FC / M / $2.99 Scott Graves has no use for the law or his own soul. Not when New York’s finest hunt him every night. Not when corruption and violence has become the only way to survive.




ECLIPSE #3 STORY: ZACK KAPLAN ART / COVER: GIOVANNI TIMPANO NOVEMBER 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99 Not only does Bax get closer to understanding just how the city’s mysterious killer avoids burning in the deadly sunlight, but also with Cielo’s help, he learns more about the city’s secrets and the killer’s origins. But will it be enough to help Bax protect her before the killer strikes again?






THE FUSE #23 STORY: ANTONY JOHNSTON ART / COVER: JUSTIN GREENWOOD & SHARI CHANKHAMMA NOVEMBER 9 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 “CONSTANT ORBITAL REVOLUTIONS,” Part Five Time for all the secrets to come out! Ralph comes clean, Klem uncovers the truth, and an old friend lends a hand…just in time for a terrorist attack to begin!




GLITTERBOMB #3 STORY: JIM ZUB ART: DJIBRIL MORISSETTE-PHAN & K. MICHAEL RUSSELL COVER A: DJIBRIL MORISSETTE-PHAN COVER B: VIVIAN NG NOVEMBER 9 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 “I GAVE HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND…” Fan favorite JIM ZUB (WAYWARD, Thunderbolts) and newcomer DJIBRIL MORISSETTE-PHAN tear into the heart of Hollywood in GLITTERBOMB, a dramatic horror story about fame and failure.







HADRIAN’S WALL #3 (OF 8) STORY: KYLE HIGGINS & ALEC SIEGEL ART / COVER: ROD REIS NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 As Simon’s condition gets worse, he makes a huge break in the case.





HORIZON #5 STORY: BRANDON THOMAS ART: JUAN GEDEON & FRANK MARTIN COVER: JASON HOWARD NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99 There’s an interrogation underway. The truth will be rewarded, and lies? Lies are expected. The Earth is full of liars and out of second chances.



THE HUNT #5 (OF 5) STORY: COLIN LORIMER ART / COVER: COLIN LORIMER & JOANA LAFUENTE NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 MINISERIES FINALE The Hunt is on, monsters are tearing through the land, and one family stands defiantly against them, fighting for their very souls.




INVISIBLE REPUBLIC #13 STORY: GABRIEL HARDMAN & CORINNA BECHKO ART: GABRIEL HARDMAN & JORDAN BOYD COVER: GABRIEL HARDMAN NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 Croger Babb thinks he’s done with Avalon, but it’s not done with him!





ISLAND #13 STORY & ART: FIL BARLOW, EMMA RÍOS & BRANDON GRAHAM COVER: Fil Barlow NOVEMBER 30 / 72 PAGES / FC / M / $7.99 The award-winning oversized comics magazine continues. Some of the best & most unique comics in Previews. Seriously, you guys should order it.



KILL OR BE KILLED #4 STORY: ED BRUBAKER ART: SEAN PHILLIPS & ELIZABETH BREITWEISER COVER: SEAN PHILLIPS NOVEMBER 16 / 40 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 END OF STORY ARC The shocking end to the first arc, as Dylan’s secret collides with his home life. BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS’s new series keeps the hits coming, and remember, each issue includes fantastic back page extras and articles.



LAKE OF FIRE #4 STORY: NATHAN FAIRBAIRN ART / COVER A: MATT SMITH & NATHAN FAIRBAIRN COVER B: TOM FOWLER & NATHAN FAIRBAIRN NOVEMBER 23 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 The crusaders take the battle to the alien demons and bring war to Hell itself in this, the terrifying and action-packed penultimate chapter of LAKE OF FIRE.




MECHANISM #5 STORY / ART / COVERS A&B: RAFFAELE IENCO NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99 END OF STORY ARC Humanity’s strongholds fall to the Geckos while across the world broken robots gain new life. Protos joins with his parent mind. First arc finale!




MOONSHINE #2 STORY: BRIAN AZZARELLO ART / COVER A: EDUARDO RISSO COVER B: DAVE JOHNSON NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99 “MOONSHINE,” Part Two Gangster Lou Pirlo thought he was stepping up in the NYC mob when he got sent to Appalachia to broker a big moonshine deal. Instead, he stepped right in the middle of a good ol’ fashioned family feud…and when one of the family might be a werewolf, things get bloody right quick. Continuing the new series from the legendary creators of 100 Bullets!



NO MERCY #11 STORY: ALEX DE CAMPI ART: CARLA SPEED McNEIL & JENN MANLEY LEE COVER: CARLA SPEED McNEIL NOVEMBER 9 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 “ENDLESS SUMMER,” Part Two In the U.S., the university’s attempts at damage control start to get nasty. In Mataguey, Simon gets a new girlfriend.



OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA #23 STORY: ROBERT KIRKMAN ART / COVER: PAUL AZACETA & ELIZABETH BREITWEISER NOVEMBER 23 / 32 PAGES/ FC / M / $2.99 “THE DARKEST BEFORE” What was once trapped in shadow is out in the open…and it is about to overwhelm Kyle Barnes.




REBORN #2 STORY: MARK MILLAR ART / COVER A: GREG CAPULLO COVER B (SKETCH VARIANT 2 OF 6-PART POSTER, 1 : 100):GREG CAPULLO COVER C: KAARE ANDREWS COVER D: RYAN OTTLEY NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 MILLAR and CAPULLO’s epic sci-fi fantasy story continues. After her death, Bonnie is reborn in Adystria and has a sword thrust into her hand. As the evils within the Dark Lands get stronger, she is Adystria’s only hope: their savior.



REVIVAL #44 STORY: TIM SEELEY ART: MIKE NORTON & MARK ENGLERT COVER: JENNY FRISON NOVEMBER 2 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 Em and Weaver Fannie recount the tales of their amazing daughters as General Cale launches a campaign to seize control of life and death itself.




ROMULUS #2 STORY: BRYAN HILL ART / COVER: NELSON BLAKE II NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 THE WORLD IS NOT FREE. As the dark truth of The Order of Romulus reveals itself, Ashlar faces death to stop them…but someone has come to help her, someone with a power that can set the entire world free, a power that has waited generations to find her. Will that power find her in time?



SAGA #40 STORY: BRIAN K. VAUGHAN ART & COVER: FIONA STAPLES NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99 “THE WAR FOR PHANG,” Part Four It’s all fun and games until…





SAVAGE DRAGON #220 STORY / ART / COVER: ERIK LARSEN NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 While Malcolm Dragon copes with a world-conquering menace inexplicably pardoned and set free, Angel Murphy finds herself back in Dimension-X facing her greatest foe.





SEVEN TO ETERNITY #3 STORY: RICK REMENDER ART / COVER A: JEROME OPEÑA & MATT HOLLINGSWORTH COVER B: Farel Dalrymple NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99 The last Mosak charge headlong into battle against the Mud King and his terrifying guardian, the Piper. Will Adam join the fight, even though the Mosak were the cause of his family’s downfall?



SEX #33 STORY: JOE CASEY ART: PIOTR KOWALSKI COVER: PIOTR KOWALSKI & SONIA HARRIS NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 Always in the end…it can begin again.




SHUTTER #24 STORY: JOE KEATINGE ART & COVER: LEILA DEL DUCA & OWEN GIENI NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 “SO FAR BEYOND,” Part Two Huckleberry’s hard road of survival is finally revealed, setting up the series’ biggest revelations yet in next month’s 25th anniversary issue.




SNOTGIRL #5 STORY: BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY ART / COVER A: LESLIE HUNG COVER B: BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY & JASON FISCHER NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99 END OF STORY ARC From the creator of Scott Pilgrim! This issue: Lottie’s dreams of friendship start to come true, but at what cost? Things come to a head in the frenzied finale of the first arc of SNOTGIRL!



SOUTHERN CROSS #9 STORY / COVER: BECKY CLOONAN ART: ANDY BELANGER & LEE LOUGHRIDGE NOVEMBER 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 “ROMULUS,” Part Three Hazel digs out her old service weapon as hell breaks loose on the rig.









SURGEON X #3 STORY: SARA KENNEY ART / COVER: JOHN WATKISS EDITOR: KAREN BERGER NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 “SURGEON’S GRAVEYARD,” Part Three When Surgeon X’s brother, Lewis, hooks her up with some Indian black market pharmaceutical dealers, things don’t go as planned. Rosa is forced into doing a barbaric, historical surgical procedure against her will. But if Rosa’s underground surgery is to survive, she has to learn to play the game with the criminal kingpins of London-town.



THIEF OF THIEVES #37 STORY: ANDY DIGGLE ART / COVER: SHAWN MARTINBROUGH & ADRIANO LUCAS NOVEMBER 23 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99 END OF STORY ARC “GOLD RUSH,” Part Six The inevitable betrayal, an unexpected reward, and the moon landing of crime: the race to crown the greatest thief in the world crosses the finish line!






WAYWARD #18 STORY: JIM ZUB ART / COVER A: STEVEN CUMMINGS & TAMRA BONVILLAIN COVER B: ROYCE “FOO RAY” SUTHERLAND NOVEMBER 23 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99 The creatures of Ireland are drawn to Rori and Ayane. What is Dermot hiding from them?
THE CHEW ADULT COLORING BOOK STORY: JOHN LAYMAN ART / COVER: ROB GUILLORY NOVEMBER 23 / 96 PAGES / BW / M / $14.99 We celebrate the end of CHEW with an oversized coloring book with art from its sixty-plus issue run, featuring some of ROB GUILLORY’s craziest and most unforgettable images. Also, with CHEW ending, it’s our very last chance to take your money! Remember: no matter what color you decide to color this book, LAYMAN and GUILLORY will only see green!

DEADLY CLASS HATS One-size fits all DEADLY CLASS snap-back hats. $19.99

EAST OF WEST “EMBRACE NIHILISM” T-SHIRT NOVEMBER 16 / S-XXL UNISEX / $24.99 Offered publicly for the first time, get your EAST OF WEST, “EMBRACE NIHILISM” swag just in time for the Apocalypse.

TOKYO GHOST SKATE DECKS Limited edition skate decks, constructed from 7-ply maple, these boards measure in at 9.25″ W x 29.5″ L. $75



ONE WEEK IN THE LIBRARY OGN STORY: W. MAXWELL PRINCE ART: JOHN AMOR COVER: FRAZER IRVING DECEMBER 7 / 96 PAGES / FC / M / $9.99 ADVANCE SOLICIT Welcome to the Library. It’s here that every story ever written is catalogued and monitored by a single man, who’s begun to notice something strange: the books are rebelling. Image Comics proudly presents this experimental graphic novella from writer W. MAXWELL PRINCE and artist JOHN AMOR, which recounts a troublesome week in the Library via seven short stories—one for each day—that use comics, infographics, prose, and poetry to play with the graphic medium and explore the multivalent world of living narrative.



OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA BOOK 1 HC STORY: ROBERT KIRKMAN ART / COVER: PAUL AZACETA & ELIZABETH BREITWEISER NOVEMBER 2 / 296 PAGES/ FC / M / $39.99 This hardcover features the first twelve issues of the hit comic book series, along with covers and a sketchbook, in one oversized hardcover volume. Perfect for long-time readers and fans of the Cinemax TV show.




CASANOVA: ACEDIA, VOL. 2 TP STORY: MATT FRACTION & MICHAEL CHABON ART /COVER: FÁBIO MOON & GABRIEL BÁ NOVEMBER 23 / 136 PAGES / FC / M / $14.99 Casanova Quinn, interdimensional superspy and assassin, has crash-landed here on Earth—on OUR Earth—with absolutely no memory of who he is or the terrible things he’s done. Working for a man with just as mysterious a past as his own, Cass struggles to find his new normal—and that’s when the end of the world begins. Written by MATT FRACTION with art by FÁBIO MOON, this volume also features exclusive back-up stories written by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist MICHAEL CHABON and drawn by GABRIEL BÁ. Collects issues #5-8



DESCENDER, VOL. 3: SINGULARITIES TP STORY: JEFF LEMIRE ART / COVER: DUSTIN NGUYEN DECEMBER 14 / 120 pages / FC / T / $12.99 ADVANCE SOLICIT This third collection of the bestselling series by JEFF LEMIRE and 2016 Eisner Award winning artist DUSTIN NGUYEN dives deep into the secret histories of each cast member with revelations that will propel young robot Tim-21’s sci-fi adventure into dangerous and exciting new territory. Collects DESCENDER #12-16



FASTER THAN LIGHT, VOL. 2 TP STORY / ART / COVER: BRIAN HABERLIN NOVEMBER 2 / 152 PAGES / FC / T / $14.99 Fly into the unknown at a speed FASTER THAN LIGHT! Politics and power-grabs get in the way of the mission as Captain Forest loses command of the Discovery. Can he be saved by his staunchly loyal crew? New secrets are revealed about both our benefactors and the oncoming storm of the Outsiders…and we meet a slew of new aliens and creatures along the way! This book features an award-nominated app that makes it look like interactive holograms are coming out of the book and provides additional DVD-like extras and games. Collects FASTER THAN LIGHT #6-10



GEMINI: THE COMPLETE SERIES TP STORY: JAY FAERBER ART: JON SOMMARIVA & FCO PLASCENCIA COVER: JON SOMMARIVA NOVEMBER 30 / 144 PAGES / FC / T / $16.99 ADVANCE SOLICIT Introducing Gemini, a superhero whose identity is so secret, even he doesn’t know what it is! Dan Johnson is just a normal guy with a normal job…or so he thinks. What he doesn’t know is that a secret organization is using him as their weapon against crime. It’s The Manchurian Candidate meets Spider-Man! From JAY FAERBER, the writer of COPPERHEAD, and the incredible JON SOMMARIVA comes this superhero adventure full of twists, turns, and action! Collects GEMINI #1-5



MICE TEMPLAR, VOL. 5 TP STORY: BRYAN J.L. GLASS ART: VICTOR SANTOS, SERENA GUERRA & MICHAEL AVON OEMING COVER: MICHAEL AVON OEMING NOVEMBER 9 / 224 PAGES / FC / T / $17.99 ADVANCE SOLICIT “NIGHT’S END” On the last night of the world as it was, the restored Order of the Templar marches against the fortress stronghold of mad King Icarus. Yet as they lay siege without the guidance of Karic, the heroic young mouse that overcame their generations of prejudice and division, will everything they fight for prove lost to the horrors that arrive with the coming dawn? One Night! One glorious, terrifying battle! Where every Legend—Dream, Destiny, and Prophecy will collide for the fate of the world they know! The grand finale of a 10-year creator-owned vision! Featuring a foreword by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS!



NAILBITER, VOL. 5: BOUND BY BLOOD TP STORY: JOSHUA WILLIAMSON ART / COVER: MIKE HENDERSON NOVEMBER 2 / 144 PAGES / FC / M / $14.99 Buckaroo, Oregon, has given birth to many infamous serial killers, but the worst was the Nailbiter. And now…is it possible he has a daughter? Could Alice’s search for the truth about her parentage lead her to the origin of the serial killers? A new tale of bloody horror by creators JOSHUA WILLIAMSON and MIKE HENDERSON! Also collected for the first time, the Nailbiter story from the Nailbiter/Hack/Slash crossover special! Fans of WYTCHES, OUTCAST, and THE WALKING DEAD will enjoy this thriller drama! Collects NAILBITER #21-25 and the Nailbiter/Hack/Slash short story.



ODY-C: CYCLE ONE HC STORY: MATT FRACTION ART / COVER: CHRISTIAN WARD NOVEMBER 23 / 400 PAGES / FC / M / $49.99 ODY-C, modeled after Homer’s Odyssey, is a psychedelic, gender-broke science-fiction epic that tells the story of three legendary warrior-queens returning home after a centuries-long battle. Told in verse with a visual sensibility that redefines the very possibilities of the comics medium, this gloriously oversized hardcover also has exclusive bonus materials including essays by classicist Dani Colman, teaching aids, and a massive 10-page fold-out previously only available in the sold-out first issue. “Fraction and Ward are doing wildly imaginative work combining fantastic Greek mythology with futuristic science fiction, and the book has a visual sensibility unlike anything else on the stands.” — A.V. Club Collects ODY-C #1-12



PAPER GIRLS, VOL. 2 TP STORY: BRIAN K. VAUGHAN ART: CLIFF CHIANG & MATT WILSON COVER: CLIFF CHIANG NOVEMBER 30 / 128 PAGES / FC / T+ / $12.99 The smash-hit series from BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and CLIFF CHIANG continues with a bold new direction, as intrepid young newspaper deliverers Erin, Mac, and Tiffany find themselves launched from 1988 to a distant and terrifying future…the year 2016. Collects PAPER GIRLS #6-10



SYMMETRY, VOL. 2 TP STORY: MATT HAWKINS ART / COVER: RAFFAELE IENCO DECEMBER 7 / 128 PAGES / FC / T+ / $14.99 In a perfectly ordered Utopia, Julia is the anomaly that signals change. The child of star-crossed lovers, raised in secret by a benevolent A.I., Julia—and the friends and foes she is about to encounter—present humanity with a golden opportunity for societal evolution…or an excuse to show its darkest nature. Collects SYMMETRY #5-8



THINK TANK, VOL. 1 TP STORY: MATT HAWKINS ART: RAHSAN EKEDAL COVER: RAHSAN EKEDAL, BRIAN REBER AVAILABLE NOW 120 PAGES / FC / T+ / $14.99 Dr. David Loren is many things: child prodigy, inventor, genius, slacker… mass murderer. When a military think tank’s smartest scientist decides he can no longer stomach creating weapons of destruction, will he be able to think his way out of his dilemma or find himself subject to the machinations of smaller men? Collecting the original series in its entirety, this trade paperback also is jam packed with a complete cover gallery, bonus articles, behind-the-scenes sketches, and more! Collects THINK TANK #1-4

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