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BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA/ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1 (of 6) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Greg Pak Artist: Daniel Bayliss

Cover Artists: Main Covers A & B: Daniel Bayliss Subscription Cover: Michael Allred East Vs. West Incentive Covers: Michael Cho & Andy Belanger Movie Poster Incentive Cover: Oliver Barrett Synopsis:

  • It’s the mother of all crossovers as Jack Burton and Snake Plissken meet for the first time ever anywhere!
  • Done with director John Carpenter’s complete blessing, witness this melee of the mullets as two cult-classic characters made famous by actor Kurt Russell crossover in an improbable adventure.
  • As lightning cascades around Jack and his good ol’ Pork-Chop Express, he finds himself transported and driving through the horrors of what seems to be the dystopian future of...Escape from New York?!
  • Snake Plissken catches wind of Jack and goes on the hunt to find who is trying to steal his identity.
  • Prepare for the road trip of a lifetime, with Jack and Snake rumblin’ down the streets of a dystopian future to find what craziness caused Jack to jump through worlds.
  • Written by Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk, Action Comics) and illustrated by Russ Manning Award nominee Daniel Bayliss (Kennel Block Blues, Translucid).WARLORDS OF APPALACHIA #1 (of 4) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Artist: Jonas Scharf

Cover Artists: Main Cover A: Massimo Carnevale Main Cover B: Robert Sammelin Incentive Cover: Tyler Crook Synopsis:

  • Southern Bastards meets Dune in mid-21st century America.
  •  After the New Confederacy is crushed in a second Civil War, only Kentucky holds out, notrecognizing U.S. sovereignty.
  • This leads to a particularly brutal crackdown in a small mountain town called Red Rock, where amechanic and reluctant folk hero named Kade Mercer rises up to become the first feudal warlord of Appalachia.
  • Features 28 pages of story content.


HEROBEAR AND THE KID 2016 FALL SPECIAL #1 Retail Price: $5.99 Writer: Mike Kunkel Artist: Mike Kunkel

Cover Artists: Main Cover: Mike Kunkel Incentive Cover: Roger Langridge Synopsis:

  • Creator Mike Kunkel returns with an all-new, oversized installment of his Eisner Award-winning all-ages adventure.
  • Tyler and Herobear are able to stop the dinosaurs that are attacking the parade, but at what cost? With the help of Elmo (oh yeah, Elmo totally knows that Tyler and his stuffed animal are Herobear and the Kid!), they soon discover that Von Klon has kidnapped Henry!
  • 32 pages of story and art with no ads! BOOM! BOX!NEW LAUNCHING SINGLES AND ONE-SHOTSGIANT DAYS 2016 HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1 Retail Price: $7.99 Writer: John Allison Artists: Lissa Treiman and Max Sarin Cover Artist: Lissa Treiman


  • What if Susan, Esther, and Daisy hadn’t become friends on their first day of university?? The world as we know it would be completely different! Or at least...moderately different!
  • It’s the darkest timeline for our favorite students. Daisy is an Enya-blasting hermit, Susan violently dislikes her, and Esther falls in with the awful League of Former Head Girls.
  • Original artist Lissa Treiman returns for this oversized special with 40 pages of story and art!
  • Features a card-stock cover.BOOM! STUDIOS ONGOINGS AND LIMITED SERIESSKYBOURNE #2 (of 5) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Frank Cho Artist: Frank Cho Cover Artists: Frank Cho Synopsis: In the wake of Merlin’s attack on his sister, Skybourne’s quest for revenge is at a fever pitch.

SONS OF ANARCHY REDWOOD ORIGINAL #3 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Ollie Masters Artist: Luca Pizzari

Cover Artists: Main Cover: Chris Brunner Subscription Cover: Matías Bergara Tattoo Incentive Cover: Brian Level Synopsis: Jax works in a club warehouse to make amends for his slip-ups, while Clay is forced to make a choice about his leadership style after a gun deal goes wrong.

KONG OF SKULL ISLAND #4 (of 6) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: James Asmus Artist: Carlos Magno

Cover Artists: Main Cover: Nick Robles Incentive Cover: Chris Brunner Synopsis: As deathrunners and dinosaurs pick off the tribes, the only option is to wall themselves off from the monstrosities around them.

SOMBRA #4 (of 4) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Raúl Treviño Cover Artist: Jilipollo Synopsis: Final issue! The battle between Rojas’s cartel and Conrad’s horrifying army ensues, with Danielle and Tolva stuck in the middle.

LUCAS STAND #5 (of 6) Retail Price: $3.99 Writers: Kurt Sutter & Caitlin Kittredge Artist: Jesús Hervás Cover Artist: Colin Lorimer Synopsis: Lucas puts himself and Cyd in danger when he kills an agent of Hell he wasn’t assigned in 1947 Hollywood.

STRANGE ATTRACTORS #5 (of 5) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Charles Soule Artists: Greg Scott, Soo Lee Cover Artist: Greg Scott with Scott Newman Synopsis: Final issue! Brilliant mathematics student Heller Wilson finds his true calling when he starts connecting with his fellow New Yorkers in a daring attempt to save New York City from a series of catastrophic events.

JOYRIDE #6 Retail Price: $3.99 Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly Artist: Marcus To Cover Artist: Marcus To Synopsis: After spending so much time exploring the galaxy, the gang decides to explore the ship they’ve been riding in, only to discover that it has been hiding so many secrets.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: PINK #6 (of 6) Retail Price: $3.99 Writers: Brenden Fletcher, Kelly Thompson, & Tini Howard Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo

Cover Artists: Main Cover: Elsa Charretier Incentive Cover 1: Dan Parent Incentive Cover 2: Jen Bartel Synopsis: Final issue! Are Kimberly, Trini, and Zack ready to leave behind the life of a Ranger once more? What does this mean for Tommy and Kimberly?

WEAVERS #6 (of 6) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Dylan Burnett Cover Artist: Dylan Burnett Synopsis: Final issue! Sid thinks he's worked out what happened at the Blarney Bar and confronts Don with it before the Weavers’ web completely unravels around them.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #8 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Hendry Pasetya

Cover Artists: Main Cover: Jamal Campbell Zord Incentive Cover 1: Goñi Montes Incentive Cover 2: Sean “Cheeks” Galloway Unlockable Action Figure Variant: David Ryan Robinson Unlockable Villain Variant: Bachan Synopsis: The world is on lockdown. The Dinozords, now under the Black Dragon’s control, are stationed around the globe invoking Rita’s word as law. With the Rangers left powerless, Rita calls upon Tommy to make the ultimate sacrifice or risk Angel Grove’s survival.

THE WOODS #26 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Michael Dialynas Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas Synopsis: The war between The Horde and New London claims more lives as Isaac goes deeper into the Black City.


ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #4 Retail Price: $3.99 Writers: Jim Zub, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya Artists: Derek Charm, James Lloyd, Aatmaja Pandya Cover Artists: Main Cover: Marina Julia Subscription Cover: Andrew Greenstone Incentive Cover: Antonio Sandoval Synopsis: Jake keeps beating an unbeatable game, Finn’s gettin’ all crazy from sleep deprivation, and Jungle Princess observes the weirdos passing through her kingdom.

OVER THE GARDEN WALL #7 Retail Price: $3.99 Writers: Jim Campbell & Amalia Levari Artists: Jim Campbell & Cara McGee Cover Artists: Main Cover: F Choo Subscription Cover: Myra Hild Synopsis: Greg and Jason get closer to the truth of what’s going on, while Anna gets further away from the safety of her home.

REGULAR SHOW #40 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Mad Rupert Artist: Laura Howell Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Jorge Corona Subscription Cover: Laura Howell Synopsis: It’s the final issue after three years of Regular Show comics! It’s up to everyone’s favorite park employees Mordecai and Rigby to save the getting Benson to save the world!

ADVENTURE TIME #57 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Christopher Hastings Artist: Ian McGinty

Cover Artists: Main Cover: Shannon Wright Subscription Cover: Siobhan Keenan Synopsis: Finn and Jake make it to the core of BMOWORLD and confront the real culprit behind this mess!


THE BACKSTAGERS #3 (of 8) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Rian Sygh

Cover Artists: Main Cover: Veronica Fish Incentive Cover: S.M. Vidaurri Synopsis: It’s Tech Rehearsal for Les Terribles and Beckett is determined to nail every cue, but Sasha’s mistake brings new drama to the stage!

LUMBERJANES/GOTHAM ACADEMY #5 (of 6) Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Chynna Clugston Flores Artists: Rosemary Valero-O’Connell & Maddi Gonzalez Cover Artists:

Main Cover: Natacha Bustos Subscription Cover: Kelly & Nichole Matthews Incentive Cover: Trungles Synopsis: The Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy kids have to fight it out with the chaperones when Louise has a temper tantrum.

GOLDIE VANCE #6 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Hope Larson Artist: Brittney Williams Cover Artist: Brittney Williams Synopsis: During their continuing investigation of the sudden appearance of a lady astronaut on the beach, Goldie and Walter discover some interesting things about Cheryl.

JONESY #7 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Sam Humphries Artist: Caitlin Rose Boyle Cover Artist: Caitlin Rose Boyle Synopsis: It’s a race to the concert! Will Jonesy and Susan make it to Stuff? Or will Jonesy’s love powers be their undoing?

GIANT DAYS #19 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: John Allison Artist: Max Sarin Cover Artist: Lissa Treiman Synopsis: After spending a dull summer apart, Esther, Daisy, and Susan attend a 3-day music festival that naturally ends in a battle for survival in an apocalyptic quagmire.

MUNCHKIN #22 Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Sam Sykes Artist: Ian McGinty Cover Artist: Greg Hyland Synopsis: Everybody was kung-fu fighting! Specially Flower as she combats her way through ninjas on a quest to avenge her master. And we got a backup full of braiiiins! The zombie apocalypse has begun in the world of Munchkin. Cover and backup story illustrated by Munchkin Zombies artist Greg Hyland.

LUMBERJANES #31 Retail Price: $3.99 Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh Artist: Carey Pietsch Cover Artists: Main Cover: Kat Leyh Incentive Cover: Kelly Bastow Synopsis: Diane and the Lumberjanes have to work with Ligo to figure out what’s going on with camp, and so far, all clues point to...Zeus?!


THE WOODS VOL. 5 TP *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR NOVEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $14.99 Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Michael Dialynas Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas Synopsis: Over a year has passed since Bay Point Preparatory High School found themselves countless light years away in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness. Now the crew finds themselves divided, choosing sides in a war that has been raging for hundreds of years. “The Horde” collects the fifth arc of the best-selling series, issues #17-20.

THE SPIRE TP *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $29.99 Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Jeff Stokely Cover Artist: Jeff Stokely Synopsis:

  • From the celebrated creative team behind Six-Gun Gorilla, The Spire is a sprawling fantasy noir that Vulture called one of the “Ten Best Comic Books of 2015.”
  • At the Spire, a sprawling mountain of metal and stone in the middle of a radioactive desert, Shå, the Commander of the City Watch, is tasked with keeping the hodgepodge of forgotten technology and new biology safe.
  • When a string of grisly murders is committed just as a new Baroness of the Spire is about to be sworn in, Shå will have to find the killer and bring them to justice.
  • Collects all eight issues of the Eisner Award-nominated limited series.

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK VOL. 4 TP *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $16.99 Writer: Christopher Sebela Artist: Maxim Simic Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey with Jordie Bellaire Synopsis: In the final story arc (collecting issues #13-16), Snake Plissken has gone into retirement, living on a small farm in Cleveland. But when the U.S. government forces him to once again become an outlaw, Snake plans to retaliate by stealing the U.S. Constitution!

THE COMPLETE FRANK MILLER ROBOCOP OMNIBUS *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $39.99 Writers: Frank Miller, Steven Grant, Ed Brisson

Artists: Juan Jose Ryp, Korkut Öztekin Cover Artist: Frank Miller Synopsis:

  • The complete collected adaptation of legendary storyteller Frank Miller’s original vision of RoboCop.
  • Included in this omnibus are writer Steven Grant’s (2 Guns) adaptations of the unproduced screenplays for RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3 originally written by Frank Miller (Sin City, 300).
  • Includes selections from Frank Miller's screenplays, and an original never-before seen RoboCop Frank Miller art piece from his RoboCop 2 screenplay.
  • Bear witness to the wall-to-wall violence, black comedy, science fiction, and neo-noir that never made it to the big screen.
  • OUT THERE VOL. 3 TP *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $19.99 Writer: Brian Augustyn Artist: Humberto Ramos Cover Artist: Humberto Ramos Synopsis: The final chapter, collecting issues #13-18 in an all-new printing of this popular series about four normal teens who are the only ones who can see the demons invading their town. Featuring a brand-new Humberto Ramos cover and a never- before-published, eight-page epilogue by Brian Augustyn and Ramos. 

    IRREDEEMABLE PREMIER EDITION VOL. 3 HC *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $29.99 Writer: Mark Waid Artists: Peter Krause, Diego Barreto Cover Artist: John Cassaday Synopsis: Our series of oversized, deluxe hardcovers collecting the award-nominated title continues with this hardcover collecting issues #16-23 of Mark Waid’s (Kingdom Come) superhero epic that asks the question, “What if the world’s greatest superhero decided to become the world’s greatest supervillain?”


STEVEN UNIVERSE AND THE CRYSTAL GEMS TP *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $14.99 Writer: Josceline Fenton Artist: Chrystin Garland Cover Artist: Kat Leyh Synopsis:

  • An all-new Steven Universe adventure! The Gems tell Steven a spooky story about a monster who turns bad Gems into glass and shatters them. Pearl assures a terrified Steven that it’s just a story, but suddenly people around Beach City start turning up frozen in glass...
  • “...captures the spirit of the show while still finding enough humor and excitement to be its own thing.” - Multiversity Comics
  • Collects the complete four-issue limited series.ADVENTURE TIME: ICE KING TP *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $19.99 Writers: Emily Partridge & Pranas Naujokaitis Artist: Natalie Andrewson Cover Artist: Wyeth Yates Synopsis:
  • The Ice King finally gets his own solo adventure! The chill monarch wakes up to find that his faithful companion, Gunther the penguin, has been taken.
  • The story is by Adventure Time storyboard artist Emily Partridge, written by Pranas Naujokaitis (Uncle Grandpa), and illustrated by the talented Natalie Andrewson. Don’t miss this tale about friendship, understanding, and the beauty behind ice puns.
  • “...lighthearted and magical...” - Comicosity
  • Collects the complete six-issue limited series.BRAVEST WARRIORS VOL. 8 TP
  • *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $14.99 Writer: Kate Leth Artist: Ian McGinty Cover Artist: Ian McGinty Synopsis: The Bravest Warriors are off to summer camp! The gang has been going to Camp Tribulon for Little Warriors since they were kids, but when they return as counselors, they realize that battling monsters might be nothing compared to supervising a camp of rowdy children. Collects issues #29-32.


PEANUTS VOL. 8 TP Retail Price: $13.99 Writers: Charles M. Schulz, Paige Braddock, Vicki Scott, Jason Cooper, Jeff Dyer Artists: Charles M. Schulz , Vicki Scott, Scott Jeralds Cover Artist: Charles M. Schulz Synopsis: Hold on tight to your Sweet Babboo, and dive into a series of brand-new Peanuts adventures! Return to summer camp with the gang, rally the courage to get your ears pierced, and defy the odds by going to the school dance with Pig-Pen. From the celebrated world of Charles M. Schulz, this all-new Peanuts collection will have readers of all ages falling in love with Charlie Brown and his pals all over again. Collects issues #25-28



LANTERN CITY VOL. 3 HC *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR DECEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $24.99 Writers: Matthew Daley & Mairghread Scott Artist: Carlos Magno Cover Artist: Dave Dorman Synopsis: Sander Jorve gave up everything to change Lantern City: his family, his home, even his identity. Now, with a ruthless force of outlaws rising from the Underground, an emperor gone mad, and a desperate army from beyond the Wall converging on the city, Sander will have to choose a side...if he can remember what he’s fighting for. Collects the final arc of this epic steampunk saga, issues #9-12.


JIM HENSON’S LABYRINTH ARTIST TRIBUTE HC *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR NOVEMBER 2016***** Retail Price: $24.99 Writer: N/A Artists: Michael Allred, Mark Buckingham, Jonathan Case, Katie Cook, Benjamin Dewey, Cory Godbey, Gustavo Duarte, Faith Erin Hicks, Mike Huddleston, Frazer Irving, Rebekah Isaacs, Joëlle Jones, Roger Langridge, Tula Lotay, David Mack, Dave McKean, Steve Morris, Dustin Nguyen, Ramón K. Pérez, Eric Powell, Aaron Renier, Jeff Stokely, Craig Thompson, Jill Thompson, and more! Cover Artist: Steve Morris Synopsis:

  • In the 30 years since its original release in 1986, Jim Henson’s timeless fantasy film Labyrinth has captured the minds and imaginations of authors, artists, filmmakers, and fans across the world.
  • In honor of the film’s 30th anniversary, return to the world of Labyrinth and see the beloved characters, imaginative locations, and unforgettable moments as realized by a collection of uniquely original artistic voices in an unprecedented celebration.
  • Features illustrations and testimonials from comics luminaries and newcomers alike, including: Michael Allred, Joëlle Jones, David Mack, Gustavo Duarte, Ramón K. Pérez, Dustin Nguyen, Mike Huddleston, Jill Thompson, Mark Buckingham, Tula Lotay, Faith Erin Hicks, and many, many more.



LUMBERJANES VOL. 4 TP *****AVAILABLE NOW***** Retail Price: $14.99 Writers: Noelle Stevenson & Shannon Watters Artist: Brooke Allen

Cover Artist: Noelle Stevenson Synopsis: Jen just wants a normal lesson with her cabin, teaching Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley the basic survival skills needed without any supernatural intervention. But when a blizzard hits camp, Jen finds herself separated from the girls and in more trouble than ever...until a mysterious taxidermist swoops in to save the day. Who is she and what is her relationship to Rosie? Join Jen as she finds a way back to her girls, and a way to save the day! Collects issues #14-17.

Here are the remainder of the covers from Boom Studios!

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