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Devil's Due October 2016 Solicitations

GALAXYS FOR HIRE #1GALAXYS FOR HIRE #1aGALAXYS FOR HIRE #1 AUG161570 (W) Shawn DePasquale (A/CA) Sherard Jackson The double-sized first issue of the hottest comic this side of the Milky Way! Two outlaw sisters go on the run from an army when they learn the ship they’ve called home is the final puzzle piece ofan ancient giant robot capable of unmaking reality. A sex-bot army and the secret history of the universe will follow! In Shops: Oct 12, 2016 SRP: $4.99


INSPECTOR OH #1INSPECTOR OH #1 AUG161572 (W): Matt Yuan (A): John Yuan (CA): The Yuan Twins Follow exorcist Inspector Oh and his intrepid niece Ziyi as they travel through ancient China, battling supernatural menaces wherever they may find them. Their first adventure finds Oh robbed of his memories and trapped in Hell. Will Ziyi be able to rescue him or is he doomed forever? In Shops: Oct 05, 2016 SRP: $4.99


LORD OF GORE #1LORD OF GORE #1aLORD OF GORE #1 AUG161573 (W) D.B. Stanley (A/CA) Daniel Leister Decades ago scandal propelled the Lord of Gore B-movie franchise to mainstream success. In 1989 the film’s costumed slasher actor murdered a young actress in ways worse than his on-screen character, creating a media frenzy. Now on the cusp of a modern reboot, a struggling screenwriter learns that the deranged star wasn’t the only guilty party that night, but before he can share the information, the film’s slasher seems to have stepped from the screen into real life to stop him. In Shops: Oct 26, 2016


PUBLIC RELATIONS #12PUBLIC RELATIONS #12 AUG161576 (W) Matthew Sturges, Dave Justus (A) Luca Rossi, Benjamin Hall (CA) Annie Wu Part one of an epic and far-reaching two-part story, as we finally learn what happened at King Clover’s party and why his son Kade is such a little prick. Yeah, we said it. Glimpse! The childhood event that changed Kade forever! Witness! Party planning at its most macabre! Enjoy! A backup tale about puppies! In Shops: Oct 12, 2016 SRP: $3.99

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