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Film Friday (The Early Edition): Call of the Empire

Call of the Empire

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Call of the Empire picks up after the Battle of Endor where as we all know The Empire was defeated. The problem is that not everyone on the Empire stopped fighting.  Much like those who answered the call of the British Empire during World War I these Soldiers of the Galactic Empire find that it is a right of passage and matter of honor and will follow the Galactic Empire until the very end.

Call of the Empire is a fan film and made soley for enjoyment.  It is directed, produced, created by Trevor Kerr among many other duties.  Other credits include the following:

Creative Directors: Donnie Bauer, Michael Figge Producers: Donnie Bauer, Trevor Kerr, Jon Desir CGI Lead: Trevor Kerr CGI Modelers: William Tirloy, Ara Kermanikian, Trevor Kerr, Luis Mayorga Animation: Trevor Kerr Technical Directors: Trevor Kerr, Michael Figge IT Support: Roy Chung Editor: Trevor Kerr Assistant Editor: Donnie Bauer Lead Compositor: Trevor Kerr Compositor: Donnie Bauer Logo Design: Mark Butchko 2D Design: Donnie Bauer Audio Engineer: Ian McDaniel (Good Theory Studios) Sound Designers: Zach Scheitlin, Trevor Kerr

Production credits: Live Action Director: Michael Figge Producers: Roy Chung, Ryan Chung, Alex Dolce, Katie Plummer, Kerry Brown TIE Pilot: Trevor Sovine Stormtroopers: Kit Sovine, Edgar Alcala

What did you think about Call of the Empire? I thought it was a little too short, but let us know in the comment section below.

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