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Press Release: @DarkHorseComics preview of ETHER by @mattkindt and @davidrubin

Dark Horse Comics announces a new series from the creative team of Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT, Dept. H) and David Rubín (The Hero, The Rise of Aurora West). Ether is a fantastical story about what happens when science and magic intersect. ETHER.jpg

Ether follows the adventures of Boone Dias, a science-minded interdimensional explorer from Earth, as he tries to reconcile the existence of magic with his own scientific reality. Boone is a regular visitor to the Ether, a supernatural realm with magical residents. The Ether’s residents trust Boone to solve their toughest crimes by combining his background in science with the Ether’s magic.

Co Creator Matt Kindt explained the parallels between Boone’s science-mindedness and his own:

Ether came from my love-hate relationship with the supernatural. It’s not a genre I’m particularly attracted to as a creator, and I really wanted to figure out why. So in a lot of ways, the main character in Ether is a surrogate for the part of me that wants to explore the supernatural but also wants everything to be explained — which can literally ruin the magic of a supernatural story.”

Ether is On The Shelf  November 16, 2016, with four subsequent issues published monthly.  Will you be picking up Ether? Let us know in the comment section below.

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