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Press Release: @DarkHorseComics preview of The Art of Battlefield 1 by @EA_DICE

BATTLEFIELD 1 The Art of Battlefield 1 collects hundreds of pieces of art chronicling the production of EA DICE’s latest entry in the iconic first-person action series. Visit the scenes of the history-shaping conflicts of World War I and examine the gear of some of the 20th century’s most intimidating soldiers. This is a volume that will thrill gamers in a stylish package that collectors will adore.

As the Great War rages, heretofore-inconceivable engines of destruction shake the ground and pierce the sky. Cavalries charge across the smoky landscape, legions of riders and beasts locked in a fierce new form of combat. This is the war to end wars. This is Battlefield.

The Art of Battlefield 1 is in stores October 25, 2016 and will cost you $49.99. You can Preorder your copy today at your HERE.

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