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Devil's Due/1 First Comics July 2016 Solicitations

THE BADGER VOLUME 1 THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE WIZARDS TPTHE BADGER VOLUME 1: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE WIZARDS TP (W) Mike Baron (A) Val Mayerik (CA) Bill Reinhold A contest in wizardry is brewing beyond the earthly seats of power, and the fate of the world will be decided by The Battle of the Five Wizards! Badger, Ham and Daisy venture to Russia in search of a rare frozen mammoth! Russian President Putin challenges Badger to a decisive contest in the ring! Who will become the Wizard of the West? There’s a shake-up that will leave you breathless, if you can stop laughing! Written by Badger creator, the incomparable Mike Baron, with art by Howard The Duck co-creator Val Mayerik with a cover from Bill Reinhold, this collects the five-issue mini-series. Item Code: MAY161430 In Shops: 7/6/2016 SRP: $21.99

DELETE #4DELETE #4 (OF 4) (MR) (W) Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray (A) John Timms (CA) Amanda Conner From the Harley Quinn team of Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray! The final blood-soaked chapter of Delete brings the most startling revelations yet as Spencer must face an army of trained killers to learn the truth about his painful past and how it ties to Senator Cox. This is also his one and only chance to give Kalina a chance at a normal life. Item Code: MAY161431 In Shops: 7/6/2016 SRP: $4.99

PUBLIC RELATIONS #10PUBLIC RELATIONS #10 (MR) (W) Matthew Sturges, Dave Justus (A) Steve Rolston (CA) Annie Wu You know how every ’80s sitcom had an episode where two characters got locked in a freezer together? And they learned about each other? And had flashbacks? And they were locked in there with a dead guy dressed like Adam Ant? And they had to defuse a bomb rectally? This is like that, only with Dan and Threnody. Item Code: MAY161432 In Shops: 7/13/2016 SRP: $3.99

RRH #9RRH #9 (W) Orlando Harding (A) Andres Esparza (CA) Canaan White The Brotherhood square off with the Strigoi in an epic battle! Sydney comes realizes she has abilities that she can’t control let alone understand, and makes the startling discovery that the book in her possession is the long lost diary of the very first Little Red Riding Hood! Item Code: MAY161433 In Shops: August 17 8/16/2016 SRP: $3.99

image TALES OF MR. RHEE VOLUME 2: KARMAGEDDON GN (MR) (W) Dirk Manning (A) Seth Damoose (CA) Eric Powell Second in Dirk Manning’s Rhee series, Karmageddon follows the enigmatic occult anti-hero, Mr. Rhee during three days of post-Rapture tribulation on Earth. Unable to avoid neither trouble or obligations, Rhee finds himself escorting a family of orphans to safety. With Lucifer awakening C’thulu to launch Armageddon upon the world, does even Rhee stand a chance? Collects issues 1-4 of the comic book miniseries. Item Code: MAY161435 In Shops: 7/13/2016 SRP: $16.99

THE WITCHFINDER GENERAL TPTHE WITCHFINDER GENERAL TP (W) Chris “Doc” Wyatt (A/CA) Chris Grine Drew Jackson’s father didn’t want Drew to have just any DC summer internship, he wanted Drew to intern for a Cabinet position! And Drew got one, for the United States Witchfinder General, a dusty basement office that’s everyone forgot about. ‘Cause really, why would the U.S.of A. need to worry anymore about witches? Item Code: MAY161436 In Shops: 7/13/2016 SRP: $21.99

THE ZENITH ORB GNTHE ZENITH ORB GN (W/A/CA) Dan Cote Zen Intergalactic Ninja is one of the rare independent titles with more than 100 comic books to date, and its fan base tells us it’s better than ever. In The Zenith Orb a fist sized jewel becomes a fist full of trouble. Marooned on an uncharted planet, Zen encounters Notan the Magnificent for the first time, makes new allies, and a few new enemies. Written and with gorgeous full color art by Zen co-creator Dan Coté, this kid-friendly original graphic novel has enough eye candy and sophisticated turns to entertain readers of all ages. Item Code: MAY161437 In Shops: 7/20/2016

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