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Chapter House July 2016 Solicitations

CHAPTERHOUSE ARCHIVES: CAPTAIN CANUCK #6 (W) Richard Comely, Davis Dewsbury (A) George Freeman & Various (CA) George Freeman Introducing Chapterhouse Archives, an ongoing monthly series that reprints all of the essentials in the Chapterhouse catalogue. “The Search”: The Neo-Nazi story in 1994 continues, with Stardance, Kebec, Redcoat, and General Sunn. Featuring an all new 5-page back story by Davis Dewsbury and Andrew Thomas. Item Code: MAY161338 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $3.99


CHAPTERHOUSE ARCHIVES NORTHGUARD #3CHAPTERHOUSE ARCHIVES: NORTHGUARD #3 (W) Mark Shainblum (A/CA) Gabriel Morrisette “Target Red/Target Blue,” Chapter One. Northguard is caught in the Cold War crossfire when the United States and the So-viet Union find out about the existence of the UniBand. The DIA and the KGB are both determined to get it first, over Phil’s dead body if necessary. Alienated from his allies at PACT, Phil is on the run and friendless, until he meets the mysterious, beautiful and deadly Manon Deschamps. Item Code: MAY161339 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $3.99


THE FOURTH PLANET #2FOURTH PLANET #2 CVR BTHE FOURTH PLANET #2 (W) Fred Kennedy (A/CA) Mikko Maciaszek The Fourth Planet, a quarterly written by Fred Kennedy (Host, Teletoon at Night, The Edge) and brilliantly illustrated by Miko Maciaszek continues with its second exciting issue. The human refugees have their first encounter with the diminutive Yultan, and it quickly resorts to violence. Meanwhile the Foon perceive the human ship as a chariot of the gods, and set out to seek divine favor. Item Code: MAY161340 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $3.99


NORTHGUARD #2 CVR B VEDDERNORTHGUARD #2 CVR A SALASNORTHGUARD #2 (W) Anthony Falcone (A) Ron Salas (CA) Ron Salas (CA) Eric Vedder Northguard further investigates the deadly Aurora Dawn but an unexpected obstacle gets in his way: Kebec! It’s spy vs sniper in a fight to the finish! Item Code: MAY161342 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $3.99


ALL NEW CLASSIC CAPTAIN CANUCK VOLUME 1 TIME CHASE TPALL NEW CLASSIC CAPTAIN CANUCK VOLUME 1: TIME CHASE TP (W) Ed Brisson (A/CA) George Freeman The Classic series continues will all new adventures of Captain Canuck! Lost in time, Captain Canuck must face aliens, cavemen, Mr Gold, and the new threat of Criterion as he tries to return home. Ed Brisson (The Violent) teams up with Canuck veteran George Freeman (JLA, Star Wars) to bring you what Graphic Policy calls “A great collection that’s worth the price of admission!” Collects All New Classic Captain Canuck #0-4. Item Code: MAY161344 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $19.99


CAPTAIN CANUCK VOLUME 2 THE GAUNTLET TPCAPTAIN CANUCK VOLUME 2: THE GAUNTLET TP (W) Kalman Andrasofszky (A) Leonard Kirk (CA) Kalman Andrasofszky Site Aleph is secured and Equilibrium is ready to explode onto the world stage. So everything’s great, right? Wrong. Mr. Gold is still at large, Marla Ritchie is still missing, and Captain Canuck will move heaven and Earth to find them both. The Gauntlet collects Captain Canuck #7-11 and features the comics debut of Blue Fox and the first appearance of the all-new, rebooted Northguard, now starring in his own solo series! Item Code: MAY161345 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $19.99


COMIC CON MENCOMIC CON MEN NOVEL (W) Anthony Falcone “The Fish is bringing the Big 5 to Toronto this year,” Jimmy said. “And we’re going to steal them.” The Big 5 are the most expensive comic books in the world: Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, Superman #1, and Marvel Comics #1. And not only were these the most valuable comics ever, but the fish had the best copies ever known. To the right buyers, these books could be worth millions. Now all Jimmy had to do was put a team together. Comic Con Men is Anthony Falcone’s (Captain Canuck, Northguard) debut novel and features cover-work by Ramon Perez (The Amazing Spider-Man, Hawkeye). Item Code: MAY161346 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $9.95


JOHNNY CANUCK COMPENDIUM 1941-1946 HCJOHNNY CANUCK: COMPENDIUM 1941-1946 HC (W/A/CA) Leo Bachle The complete collection of the 1940’s comic-book hero, Johnny Canuck, returns for the first time since his final adventure in 1946! Ally, adventurer and flying ace, Johnny travels to countries and war fronts all over the globe to fight the Axis, even succeeding in punching Hitler not once, but three times! Dig into this incredible hardcover collection of 28 issues and see why the CBC calls him the “Canadian version of Uncle Sam”! Item Code: MAY161347 In Shops: 7/27/2016 SRP: $24.95


THE PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD VOLUME 1 FAR FROM LEGENDARY TPTHE PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD VOLUME 1: FAR FROM LEGENDARY TP (W/A/CA) Jason Loo Toronto’s got a new superhero! And he’s pitiful! Lucas Barrett is an office clerk by day and a struggling superhero on evenings and weekends. Since costume repairs and his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes strain his tight budget, Lucas volunteers as a test subject for a pharmaceutical company’s trial painkiller. After a disgusting ordeal, Lucas realizes that the experimental drug left him with regenerative powers. With his newfound powers, the Human-Lizard is ready to take on any challenge that awaits him – even a supervillain interrupting his first date. Collects issue #1-5, plus material from Made in Chinatown. Item Code: JAN161296 In Shops: 3/2/2016

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