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Convention Connection: Black Canary Artist Annie Wu

Black Canary has seen her fair share of exposure in the media recently. The DC Comics character has been on the TV show Arrow, the cartoon spindle, and even became a huge character in the video game "Injustice: Gods Amoung Us".  Most recently though, DC became the ultimate advocate of unique art by introducing the DC you line of comics. This company wide line became synonymous with new style, and Black Canary's title was the harbinger of that reputation.   This year at C2E2, Annie Wu will be in Artists Alley. Her Punk Rock design to every page gives testimony and adds to the work Brenden Fletcher has been doing by writing Dinah Lance as this complex and dynamic person (rock star).

A testimony to the success the book has reached is not only our reaction to this title, but the actual band Black Canary started because of this story arc. Look for more info on our meeting with her, but in the mean time, visit the link below to hear this band in real life! Band members:

D.D. - screams / kicks Paloma Terrific - electronics Lord Byron - rhythm & shoes Ditto - axe   

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