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Legendary Comics Solicitations for May 2016


THE INFINITE ADVENTURES OF JONAS QUANTUM VOLUME 1 TP (W) Marc Guggenheim (A/CA) Freddie Williams Meet the most intelligent person to ever live: an unpredictable maverick whose mind is his super power, with the ability to unlock universes we’ve only dreamed of. Try to keep up with his journeys through space, time, alternate dimensions and everything in between, as he explores the furthest reaches of our imagination. His ingenious inventions and creations are centuries ahead of their time – but is the world truly ready for Jonas Quantum? Item Code: MAR161560 In Shops: 5/11/2016 SRP: $14.99

THE TOWER CHRONICLES FELLQUEST VOLUME 1THE TOWER CHRONICLES: FELLQUEST VOLUME 1 TP (W) Matt Wagner (A/CA) Simon Bisley Having been exposed to the supernatural world around her, FBI agent Alicia Hardwicke has finally uncovered the mystery of paranormal bounty hunter: John Tower. Almost a thousand years old, Tower’s origin is one of forbidden love, betrayal and the hunt for salvation. For centuries he has searched for a trio of artifacts that can lift an ancient curse of his own design after conjuring the dark arts in a failed attempt to to save his wife’s life. Believing to have already found two of the artifacts, Tower seek the final piece that can release his beloved from damnation: the remains of a fearless life. But the sinister manipulator, Martin Castle, and The Brotherhood of the Rose stand in his way. Item Code: MAR161561 In Shops: 5/18/2016 SRP: $14.99

WARCRAFT BONDS OF BROTHERHOODWARCRAFT: BONDS OF BROTHERHOOD OGN (W) Paul Cornell (A/CA) Mat Broome Setting the stage for the highly-anticipated new film Warcraft, Legendary Comics is proud to present the official graphic novel prequel Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood. Based on the fantasy phenomenon from Blizzard Entertainment, this thrilling adventure of bravery, bloodshed and brotherhood is an original story conceived by Blizzard’s Chris Metzen, written by the award-winning Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) and featuring art from Mat Broome (Batman: No Man’s Land, WildC.A.T.S., Witchblade). Item Code: MAR161562 In Shops: 5/11/2016 SRP: $24.99

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