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On The Shelf: #DCComics Alternative Coloring Book Covers

Adult coloring books have been on the rise and eight of the top 20 selling books on Amazon currently are coloring books designed for adults. In January DC Comics will jump into the Adult Coloring Book craze and will release an uncolored variant cover from a host of DC regular artists—Mike Allred, Cully Hammer, Scott Kolins, Timothy Green II, and many more. dmq6d0ukzgnr1p2rcdc6.jpgSuperman/Wonder Woman #25 by Aaron Loprestilftswemyyc5wucuru3rn.jpgGreen Arrow #48 by Cully Hamner,murfcos3x4vsdtgoazeq.jpgDetective Comics #48 by Timothy Green.qzj5mnp9g1u1e1gayqt2.jpgGreen Lantern #48 by Mike Allredtqgyxzfq6i05yldyxfxw.jpgFlash #48 by Derec Donovanwi2bjl9rpcricrczzewy.jpgWonder Woman #48 by Emanuela Luppachinowltxfxexcnwostl8qdje.jpgAction Comics #48 by Scott Kolins

For adults coloring books are used to help you relax.  Other covers slated for release: Red Hood/Arsenal #8 by Scott McDaniel, Sinestro #19 by Derec Donovan, Titans Hunt #4 by Scott McDaniel,Deathstroke #14 by Emanuela Luppachino, Justice League #48by Scott Kolins, Superman #48 by Andy Smith, We Are Robin #8 by Freddie Williams II, Batman #48 by Dave Johnson, Cyborg #7 by Derec Donovan,  JLA #8 by Cully Hamner, Superman: Lois & Clark #4 by Aaron Lopresti, Martian Manhunter #48 by Andy Kuhn, Robin Son of Batman #8 by Sanford Greene, Starfire #8 by Dave Taylor,  and Teen Titans #16 by Timothy Green.

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