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Casting Call: Suicide Squad adds another

Back in April Lonnie Rashid Lynn also known as Common (Hell on Wheels) was announced that he would be joinng the cast of DC's Suicide Squad.  We now can see who common will be playing due to some pictures that have been leaked on the internet. It looks like from the pictures that Common will be playing Mark Richards AKA the Tatooed Man.  When serving with the U.S. Marines, Mark Richards went missing when his helicopter exploded, and he was presumed dead for several years. He then appeared in Gotham City, operating as a hit man with the aid of seemingly living tattoos. He claimed that these tattoos were formed from the sins of people he had killed, placed on his skin through a process called sin-grafting, learned in Modora. He believed that by taking the sins on himself, he was redeeming the souls of those he had slain. All of his victims had tattoos representing their sins.


The Suicide Squad is set to hit the theaters on August 5, 2016. Directed by David Ayer (Fury) written by David Ayer(Fury) John Ostrander (Young Justice).


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