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I'm new to this whole "Interest Blogging": Greetings!

Hello Collectors! This is the first exert as myself on constant collectible! I wrote under Simon's Log-in (See that HERE), but I wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Johnny Savage: Continuity Enthusiast. I read Marvel Comics my entire childhood and have been a nerd about 99.95% of my life. After living abroad, my finances prevented me from being too involved in comic books so I really delved into television, Doctor Who, and video games. This along with a childhood of Star wars books, anime, and Halo prepared me for a lifetime of trying to get others enthusiastic about the nerd world!

I recently returned to Comic Books as my wife encouraged me to spend some fun money over the past few years and I was introduced to the New 52 line of Comics by DC. By reading and listening to The DCR Podcast I found an entire universe of stories just beginning.

Simon and Johnny while selling insurance in 2013

Simon and I sold insurance together, and were able to geek out together over new movies coming out, all the comic TV shows, and the (local to us) geek mecca that is Comic-Con. When he asked me to write here I was honored. I am a father to a beautiful little girl, the husband to a beautiful wife, a student, and I run a Social Media Company, but a lot of my free time is spent in the geek culture, so most of the articles I write are reviews of what I am reading or collections of knowledge I have from my many years as a geek.

I hope to help some of you catch a desire to delve into Comics or these various worlds of entertainment!

Johnny Savage- Continuity Enthusiast.

Comic Bookery 101 :)

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