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Who Is Constant Collectible?

Welcome to Constant Collectible!

We here at Constant Collectible enjoy collectibles, comics, cinema, tech, video games and anything else that might enable the couch potato.

We are here so you can learn about the actual content of geek culture. We give you industry news within THE WORLD OF POP CULTURE such as: Comics, Collectibles, TV, Movies, Books and more all reviewed by a team of enthusiastic contributors!


Meet The Crew:

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“I have been into GEEK CULTURE since I can remember and want to share my enjoyment of it with others.  Due to my love of all things GEEK I decided to create Constant Collectible and brought a few people along with me for the ride.  I hope you enjoy our content.”

Simon Johnson


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“I spend a large portion of my time either writing books, reading books, or wishing that I was doing one of those two things. I’m on a mission to uncover stories with souls and convert everyone into book lovers. If you ask me what my favorite novel is, I’ll ask you to choose a very specific genre and then give you a list of my top five in that category. I devour everything from classic literature to comic books, but have a special love for indie-published stories, manga, and anything with dragons, magic, or Batman.”

Hannah Heath

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“Star Wars addict! Seriously, if I could have Star Wars bottled, placed in an I.V. bag, and injected into my veins I’d be ecstatic!!
Recovering Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft addict. No really, those games ruled my life for far too long, lol.
Avid book reader (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Classic Fiction, Biblical, just about everything except those ridiculous teen vampire books), Amateur Chef, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Gamer, Guitarist, Plumeria grower, and Aspiring science fiction writer.”
Chad “Goody” Goodwin
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“I’m a writer, blogger, and music addict who specializes in film scores, geekery, and drinking tea.”

S.M. Metzler


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