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The Nazi Fighting Aviatrix Returns To @ActionLab In ATHENA VOLTAIRE AND THE GOLDEN DAWN

Athena Voltaire travels the world on dangerous missions to find fantastic ancient artifacts. In her latest adventure, she goes to Portugal to find a previously undiscovered Da Vinci Codex.


The Wedding That’s Been Years In The Making In FANTASTIC FOUR #5

Gather your friends, find your best clothing, and get ready to party – Marvel is celebrating a wedding that has been years in the making, and it’s the union of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters! And don’t worry, Marvel fans – this wedding will definitely have the happy couple saying “I do!”

Get Your First Look @MattKindt & @Jenkins_Tyler BLACK BADGE #3 For @Boomstudios

BLACK BADGE #3, the next chapter of the new acclaimed monthly series reuniting Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins, the Eisner Award-nominated dream team behind Grass Kings. Meet the Black Badges, a … Continue Reading Get Your First Look @MattKindt & @Jenkins_Tyler BLACK BADGE #3 For @Boomstudios

@Boomstudios And @Hasbro Is Ready To Tell The Untold Story Of The Legendary Green Ranger

SABAN’S POWER RANGERS: SOUL OF THE DRAGON, the all-new original graphic novel in stores December 2018 from acclaimed writer Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Nightwing), artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Justice … Continue Reading @Boomstudios And @Hasbro Is Ready To Tell The Untold Story Of The Legendary Green Ranger

@Boomstudios & @Hasbro Gives You Your First Look at SABAN’S GO GO POWER RANGERS #13

BOOM! Studios and Hasbro unveiled today a first look at SABAN’S GO GO POWER RANGERS #13, kicking off a major new storyline in the aftermath of Shattered Grid this October from series writer Ryan Parrott and new series artist Eleonora Carlini (Batgirl).

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