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Rob Cohen will direct RAZOR and wrote the screenplay based on the bestselling comic book franchise “Razor,” Cohen is partnering with THE []

On Screen: Movie Review of Beauty and the Beast

After many months of waiting in suspense, I saw Beauty and the Beast on the day it came out. The visuals and acting were top-notch, the music was amazing, and there were many nods to the original cartoon. Emma Watson, Ian McKellen, Luke Evans, medieval fantasy and a musical combined with an old fairy tale classic? I couldn’t ask for more. And though the movie itself did my expectations justice, I still have my disappointments. Watching Beauty and the Beast in the []

On Screen: Hannah’s Review of Batman V Superman (Spoiler Free)

You know how little kids are always playing the “who would win” game? Gandalf V Dumbledore. Darth Maul V Darth Vader. Smaug V the Balrog. Well, this year, a bunch of big shots got together and decided what it would look like if it was Batman V Superman. Lots of people were excited. And lots of people couldn’t care less. And then the movie came out and lots of people liked it and lots of people really, really didn’t. So what’s the []