Matter of Opinion Monday: Bizarro #1 DCYOU

Not ready Wasters? You Shouln’t be! I am not doing a review on the old comic Bizarro not written by … More

Matter of Opinion Monday: The Muppets, the Supergirl, and the Angel from Hell

It’s time to put on music, Is it a bird? No… It’s three great shows! We are in a golden … More

Matter of Opinion Monday: Marvel’s Avengers 2 and the cast of ragtag heroes

They have returned and they hit the ground running. You will receive an amazing treat of cinematic proportions, but what does this movie mean for the Marvel universe, and what did you miss as a non-comic book geek?

Superman Flash, Aquaman, and Sinestro on cover of DC Comics New 52 line intro

Matter of Opinion Monday: What is wrong with DC comics (and what is the New 52 supposed to mean):

DC comics had released a series of announcements that their entire line of comic books would enter a new age. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the every character in the DC Multiverse were being almost completely re-imagined.

Matter of Opinion Monday: The Flash Movie Directed by the Lego Movie Alum: How perfect can you get?!?!

A rumor has been confirmed by Deadline that the upcoming cinematic presentation of the crimson speedster is to be directed by The Lego Movie team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.