Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem Gold and Silver Foil John Cassaday Variants Revealed

Image Comics Reveals Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem Gold and Silver Foil Cover From John Cassaday Variants

New Jupiter’s Legacy Miniseries Requiem Will Expand upon Netflix Adaptation Plot Points

The next chapter in 2021’s Netflix global phenomenon begins with Mark Millar’s return to Jupiter’s Legacy for a sequel miniseries titled, Requiem. This new chapter in the critically acclaimed Jupiter’s Legacy universe will pick up story threads from the Netflix adaptation (streaming on May 7) and will hit shelves from Image Comics this June.

@Netflix And @mrmarkmillar Announce SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER For @Imagecomics

Netflix and Millarworld announced their third comic book collaboration, SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER, from writer and creator Mark Millar. Millar has named comic book artist Simone Bianchi to bring SHARKEY to life on the printed page.

Triptych cover welcomes @Netflix’s new high-octane adventure series, PRODIGY, to Millarworld

Image Comics is pleased to exclusively reveal a triptych cover for the forthcoming PRODIGY comic book by Mark Millar (KINGSMAN, THE MAGIC ORDER, Civil War) and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque (Batman, American Vampire). The series will launch this December from Image Comics and is the latest addition to the Netflix Millarworld franchises shepherded by Mark and his wife Lucy. 

@Imagecomics Launches KICK-ASS is back with new Volume 1 trade paperback September 2018

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Mark MILLAR And @ImageComics Join THE MAGIC ORDER

Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel (Amazing Spider-Man, Thor) launched Netflix’s THE MAGIC ORDER #1 last week to overwhelming critical acclaim … More

@Imagecomics introduces new creative team & launches new story arc For KICK ASS

KICK-ASS #7 will launch an exciting new story arc for the series and introduce an all-new creative team to the … More

The Show: Issue 033 “Disney Is Done “

In this issue: Top Stories: Dredd Coming To TV with Karl Urban? : Slashfilm.com Mark Millar Company Now Owned By … More

On The Shelf: @ImageComics Set To Release THE SECRET SERVICE: KINGSMAN trade paperback

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On The Shelf: @ImageComics Preview of Reborn by @mrmarkmillar & @GregCapullo

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