@MagneticPress Sends Us To The Distant Future In NILS

In a distant future where nature has reclaimed much of the Earth, young Nils and his father set out to discover why the ground has recently grown infertile

@lionforge Set To Release Orphans Vol. 3: Truth From @MagneticCollect

Following the stunning discoveries at the end ofOrphans Volume Two, the Orphan Squad is faced with the dilemma of fulfilling their life-trained duty versus questioning their very purpose at the risk of their own lives… Nothing will be the same, as the devastating truth is revealed…

On The Press:@DarbyPopComics Set To Release Bruce Lee The Dragon Rises Trade Paperback Vol. 1

  Darby Pop Publishing’s Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises trade paperback. With more than 80,000 Free Comic Book Day “preview editions” distributed, … More

On the shelf: @MagneticPress August 2016 Solicitations

Magnetic Press August 2016 Solicitations HUGO BROYLER GN VOL 01 (W) Mike Kennedy (A) Francisco Paronzini & Various (CA) Eduardo … More