@ArchieComics Gives Us Our First Look At JUGHEAD THE HUNGER #10

Who—or what—is behind the creation of FrankenMoose? Whatever it is, it may pose the greatest threat to Jughead Jones yet– and considering this is a guy who’s fought bloodthirsty werewolves and armed to the teeth werewolf hunters, that’s saying something!

@cullenbunn And Laura Braga Join @ArchieComics For New Mini-Series To Archie Horror Line.

Comics horror-meister Cullen Bunn and artist Laura Braga are bringing the trouble-making Blossom twins into the Archie Horror stable with a brand new mini-series!

@ArchieComics November 2018 Solicitations

@ArchieComics November 2018 Solicitations

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@Archiecomics Solicitations For July 2018

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It Is A MADHOUSE Over @Archiecomics As Jughead Continues To Struggle With The Hunger Thanks To @FrankTieri ‏

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