Brick Fest 2021

Brick Fest Live 2021 Review and Walkthrough

Recently we were able to preview and enjoy Brick Fest 2021 in Colorado and here is what we found. Let … More

Lego Mini Build: Mandalorian™ Battle Pack

Limitless adventures await youngsters as they build their own army with this Mandalorian Battle Pack (75267)! This compact construction playset includes 4 LEGO® Star Wars™ Mandalorian warrior minifigures with stud-shooting blasters, a buildable defense fort and a Mandalorian speeder bike with 2 stud shooters to spark children’s imaginations.

Enlighten Octonauts GUP-R Sailfish Vehicle Unboxing and Build

Enlighten Octonauts GUP-R Sailfish Vehicle Unboxing and Build

The Show: Issue 008 “Billy Dee’s Nintendo”

In This issue of “The Show”Simon and Chad discuss the following topics: TV TIME – Incorporated on SyFy Initial Review … More

The Toy Box: @Marvel Dr. Strange Goodies

  Marvel’s Doctor Strange Makes Mystical Merchandise Debut November 4th theatrical debut of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme is … More

Trailer Nation: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego that is.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The LEGO Group and Lucasfilm introduced us to the next chapter in Star Wars … More

The Toy Box: LEGO makes prequel shorts

In February, Disney announced the idea of a new series of Star Wars animated short films titled LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance … More

The Toy Box: Lego has revealed their new Disney Minifig packs

Several months ago news broke that the next wave of Lego Minifigures would be Disney characters.   and now here … More

Trailer Nation: #LegoBatman Trailer 2

DC Entertainment and Lego released the first Lego Batman trailers last week and they have decided that it wasn’t enough. … More

Trailer Nation: Lego Batman

Set to be released on February 10, 2017. Lego Batman Stars Will Arnett (Batman, Rosario Dawson (Batgirl), Ralph Fiennes (Alfred), Michael Cera (Robin), Zach Galifianakis (Joker) and  Mariah Carey. “The Batcave is … More

The Toy Box: Lego 500,000 Death Star

This week Legoland Windsor revealed one of the biggest models ever created for the U.K. theme park.  The Star Wars Death Star … More

The Toy Box: The New Ghostbusters go Lego

Lego has taken no time with introducing their new Ghostbusters tie-in. With the new Ghostbusters set to hit the big … More

The Toy Box: Star Wars Lego is back

“The Force — and the bricks — are calling to you. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming to … More

The Toy Box: Arkham Asylum

And I thought the Wayne Manor set was amazing, but thanks to Australian Lego builder Dayton we have a new … More

The Toy Box: #Lego Batman ’66 looks amazing, but comes with a price.

In the previous article Lego Batman ’66 it was announced that the classic Batman ’66 series will be coming to Lego.  At … More

The Toy Box: 6,000 Piece At-At from #StarWars

Based on the original design by Peter Brookdale the guys over at Brickvault have done it again and they have built one … More

The Toy Box: #Lego batman ’66

The caped crusader is headed to Lego and not just any Batman, but the classic television series Batman ’66.  Images … More

Artist Alley: Life-Size DC Characters in LEGO

Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in … More

Casting Call: Commissioner Gordon Has Been Cast for The Lego Batman Spin-Off, Wait Nope Nevermind.

Commissioner Gordon has been played by a wide variety of Actors through the years in both live action and animated … More

Convention Connection: New York Comic Con ’15 will stream live

With only two days away from the NYCC ’15 we now know that if you could not make it we … More

The Toy Box: Lego Star Wars Animated Commercials

The LEGO Company has released a series of animated commercials to promote their LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens products.

Game On: Lego Dimensions

The Lego brand continues to grow over the years with many several movie franchises opening up to with lego animated … More

The Toy Box: #Lego Commercial The Force Awakens

A new commercial for Star Wars LEGO has hit the air waves for the up coming sets from the Star Wars: The … More

The Toy Box: #Lego and Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lego has released information and pictures of the new play sets. (IN ORDER OF COST) REY’S SPEEDER- $19.99 FIRST ORDER … More

Game On: We Have a New Joker

Zach Galifianakis (Hangover) is in final negotiations to voice the villain in Lego Batman, Warner Bros.’ spinoff of The Lego Movie. Galifianakis will voice … More

Trailer Nation: Ant-Man Lego Style

Directed by Peyton Reed (Yes Man) and written by Adam MaCay (Anchor Man) and Paul Rudd (Role Model) with story by Edgar Wright … More

Casting Call: Everything is AWESOME!! #Batman #Lego Spin-off Movie

Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) has inked a deal to voice Robin in the new Lego spin-off movie from … More

The Toy Box-Lego Exclusive for San Diego Comic Con

For several years Lego has given away exclusives during the San Diego Comic-Con and next month is no different.  Only SDCC attendees … More

Convention Connection: Lego Exclusives SDCC ’15

Lego Exclusives at SDCC ’15 LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Superman is showing off his powers in this exclusive retail … More

The Toy Box: Lego Ideas

Have you ever had an idea for a Lego set you wish you could build and share? Well Lego Idea … More

The Toy Box: Lego Ideas

Have you ever had an idea for a Lego set you wish you could build and share? Well Lego Idea … More

The Toy Box: Lego and Wall-E

Back in February 2015 Lego Idea announced that “We’re very excited to release MacLane’s WALL•E project as our next LEGO … More

Game On: Lego Franchise Games Continue to Grow.

With Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, DC and Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars and many more Lego has added another … More

Game On: Lego Marvel’s Avengers

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games released the trailer for the new LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, Play as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes … More

Toy Box: Lego Millennium Falcon

Built buy Titans Creations for Lego-land Malaysia’s May 4 event, this model provides a highly detailed look at the freighter’s … More

Game On: Lego Dimensions

On April 9, 2015 Lego announced that Lego would create a similar gaming format as that of Actavision’s Skylander, Disney … More

The Toy Box: Lego and the destruction of a Super Star Destroyer

In a recent post by Wired Magazine they decided to celebrate May the 4th be with you by destroying an … More

Trailer Nation: A Lego Brickumentary

Lego began manufacturing interlocking toy bricks in 1949. Since then a global Lego subculture has developed, supporting movies, games, competitions, … More

Trailer Nation: Avengers: Age of Ultron Secret Trailer Release

With only Days until the release of Marvels- Avengers: Age of Ultron a secret trailer was released and all I … More