On The Shelf: @Marvel puts Deadpool Back in Black by @cullenbunn & @robertliefeld

DEADPOOL: BACK IN BLACK #1 Combines Mouthy Merc With Sinister Symbiote! What happens when Deadpool bonds with Venom? Pure mayhem! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside DEADPOOL: BACK IN BLACK #1 – a brand-new series debuting this October! Fan-favorite creators Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin are back with a brand-new Deadpool tale that ratchets up the chaos to completely new heights! Remember when Spider-Man rejected the alien symbiote way back in the day? Did you know that for []

Monday Massive Review: Deadpool goes cosmic! Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (2013) and Deadpool Kills Deadpool (2013) review

Oh Deadpool, how we love you… Over the years, Deadpool has received the royal exposure treatment. From meeting counterparts from across the multiverse to an unfortunate role in X-men: Origins Wolverine. All of the things every character in the Marvel Universe could want, Deadpool has received. In all of his exposure and continuity twisting adventures, Deadpool seemed to miss one quintessential aspect near to the heart of most Marvel readers. This missing link was a cosmic altering story in which we realize []