Marvel Celebrates Deadpool’s 30th Anniversary With Action Packed Covers From Rob Liefeld!

Today we will Discover that Deadpool teams up with the Marvel Universe on a new year-long variant cover program starting in March! To Celebrate his 30th Birthday.



@Marvel Puts Lets Villains Take Center Stage in December For Fantastic Four!

This winter, Ben and Alicia will say “I do”… but it’s not a Marvel wedding without villains and mayhem, especially when it comes to the Fantastic Four! Just in time for the wedding of the half century, Marvel is celebrating over five decades of the first family with special variant covers featuring the team’s most memorable antiheroes!

Deadpool Is At It Again, But This Time He Faces Black Panther In October 2018

Deadpool has gone up against almost everyone in the Marvel Universe…and now, that roster includes the legendary Black Panther in BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL

Halloween ComicFest 2018 to Feature Exclusive Star-Lord Funko POP!, Deadpool Mini Egg Attack Figures

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@FabianNicieza ‏ signing at Sleeping Giant In Buffalo On June 9, 2018

CREATOR OF DEADPOOL MAKING FIRST VISIT TO BUFFALO! Merc with a Mouth? More like the Mouth that Roared! As the … More

Are You Ready For Marvel Comics Buddy Cop Book? Here Comes Cable & Deadpool Thanks To David F. Walker and Paco Diaz

Deadpool’s got a new job…and to get it done, he’ll need to call in help from his old pal, Cable! … More

The Merc With The Mouth Puts Cullen Bunn and Mark Bagle To Work In June 2018

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New Directions New Beginnings For Marvel Comics And Deadpool

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On The Shelf: #Marvel Comics Preview Of #Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe AGAIN Thanks To @cullenbunn

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On The Shelf: @Marvel Preview of DEADPOOL: TILL DEATH DO US…Coming This March!

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On The Shelf: @Marvel Comics Preview of Deadpool Duck #1 by @stuartmoore1

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On The Shelf: Mercenaries, Monkeys & More from @Marvel and @cullenbunn

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On The Shelf: @Marvel puts Deadpool Back in Black by @cullenbunn & @robertliefeld

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The Toy Box: @gentlegiantltd Brings You a few Goodies from @Marvel

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On Screen: Deadpool Blu-Ray Special Features

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The Toy Box: Mezco brings us the Scarlet Speedster and possibly more.

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