Clips Of The Week (3-10-19 thru 3-16-19)

Clips Of The Week (3-10-19 thru 3-16-19) With some APEX Legends, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and more

Time For Battle And It Does Not Look Good (3-13-19)

Another try in a galaxy far far away.

Stuck In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Another night on the Battlefront, but this time having to deal with server and internet issues. Look out for … More

Looking For A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

A weekly stream in a galaxy far far away. Come join us every Monday night.

Back On the Battlefront “Can’t Win Them All”

Only a short one tonight. Had an issue with rubberbanding and a portion of the original stream was not actually … More

Game On: Star Wars Battlefront Free DLC and more

In a letter addressed to the Star Wars Battlefront community producer Craig McLeod announced that in the next few months all … More

#GameOn: Star Wars: Battlefront has more instore for us.

Today, Star Wars EA let us in on the plans they have for us when it comes to Star Wars: … More

Game On: Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer

In a few weeks Star Wars: Battlefront will hit the shelves.  EA Star Wars has released its most recent trailer … More

Game On: Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 Trailer

Playstation has released a new trailer for Star Wars Battle front, which will be released on November 17, 2015.  For … More

Game On: Star Wars Battlefront Beta

On Thursday October 8, 2015 the open beta for Star Wars Battlefront went live on PS4, XBOX One and PC. … More

Game On: Star Wars Battlefront game modes revealed

With the Beta just around the corner it would seem that a few more multiplayer game modes have been found … More

Game On: #StarWars Battlefront beta announced from #EA

EA has announced that the Star Wars Battlefront beta will release for the PS4, XBOX 1, and PC on October … More

Game On: Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

With the Star Wars Battlefront release date right around the corner and if you are thinking of picking it up … More

Game On: Star Wars Battlefront Game Play

Star Wars Battlefront gameplay comes out of the alpha testing stage and the Beta will be available in October.  The … More

Game Gone: #StarWars Battlefront Beta Coming to PS4 in Early October

Today on the official Playstation Blog it was announced that Star Wars Battlefront will open up its BETA in early … More

Tech Time: Turtle Beach – Star Wars: Battlefront Sandtrooper Wired Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows and Mac

Star Wars Battlefront is offering an exclusive, Limited Edition Sandtrooper Headset that will only be offered at Best Buy in the … More

Game On: #Battlefront Wallpaper

Who doesn’t love a good wallpaper on their phone, tablet or computer screens? Well thanks to here are a frew … More

Game On: Star Wars Battlefront-Fighting Squadron

Battlefront has added some fun features showcasing the “Fighting Squadron” and shows game footage of X-wings, TIE Fighters and more. … More

Game On: Battlefront Deluxe Edition

E3 is right around the corner, but EA has decided to let you in on a little secret.  We now … More

Game On: Battlefront Game Mode

Star Wars Battlefront is set to be released on november 17, 2015. We are still waiting see how game play will … More