@AmigoComics Set To Release Giant Monsters In Gargantuan!

Sarah is struggling her way in a world ruled by a mad giant! Sarah Lozen, a Native American US Marshal, now lives in a dystopian California. The criminal she is in pursuit of Crius Warner is the cause of the devastation.

@AmigoComics November 2018 Solicitations

Amigo Comics November 2018 Solicitations

@AmigoComics September 2018 Solicitations

Amigo Comics September 2018 Solicitations PHANTASMAGORIA  # 1 (of  5) Author(s): El Torres Artist(s): Angel Hernandez Cover Artist(s): Angel HernandezFrom … More

@Amigocomics August 2018 Solicitations

This August is an Amigo-month mixing the blazing heat of the wastelands with Nancy and Metis and we mix it … More

@Amigocomics July 2018 Solicitations

July 2018 Solicitations ROGUES! THE SHADOW OVER GERADA Vol 6: #1 (of 4) Author(s): El Torres Artist(s): Jordi Armengol Cover Artist(s): … More

June 2018 Solicitations From @Amigocomics

Next June is an Amigo month with all kind of exciting news! We start of with the return of beloved NANCY, … More

May 2018 Solicitations From @Amigocomics

May 2018 Solicitations This May come plenty of horror, sword and sorcery! From Colleen Douglas and André Stahlschmidtthe cosmic horror as you‘ve never seen … More

March 2018 Solicitations From @Amigocomics

March Solicitation 2018 Call of the Suicide Forest #3 (of 5) Story: Desiree Bressend Art: Ruben Gil Cover: Toni Fejzula Retailer incentive cover, … More

February 2018 Solicitations From @Amigocomics

 February 2018 Call of the Suicide Forest #2 (of 5) Story: Desiree Bressend Art: Ruben Gil Cover: Toni FejzulaRetailer incentive cover, served 1:10, … More

Sky Masters Of The Space Force WILL BE ON THE SHELF Thanks To @Amigocomics

Jack Kirby, one of the greatest comic artists, was born 100 years ago this year and Geek Culture has reflected … More

The Pull List For January 2018 From @Amigocomics

January 2018 Solicitations From Amigo Comics Call of the Suicide Forest #1 (of 5) Story: Desiree Bressend Art: Ruben Gil Cover: Toni Fejzula … More

The Pull List: @AmigoComics December 2017 Solicitations

We say goodbye to El Torres and Ramiro Borrallo’s story about a troubled teen in troubled times THE APOCALYPSE GIRL! And, rescued … More

The Pull List: @Amigocomics Solicitations For October 2017

The adventures of Apocalypse Girl continue: a teenager with regular teen-issues as well as blood-thirsty demons and an undead mother! We … More

On The Shelf: @AmigoComics Preview Of

Most common teenage issues are self-esteem, stress and pressure, dating, appearance and those worries and teen angst that won’t go … More

The Pull List: @AmigoComics August 2017 Solicitations

Having a good time at the beach, enjoying some vacation? The characters of our comics do not have time for … More

The Pull List: @AmigoComics Solicitations For June 2017

Ghost Wolf: The Horde of Fangs #2 Story: El Torres Art: JuanFraMB Color: Pilar Jaime The Horde of Fangs scour the Northlands … More

The Pull List: @AmigoComics May 2017 Solicitations

The return of the avatar of the North, the one who teaches us to fight, to protect, to survive: The Ghost … More

The Pull List: @AmigoComics Solicitations For March 2017

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari #2 Story and art by: Diego Olmos Creator Diego Olmos (DC’s Supernatural, Batman, Superman and The Question) presents a two-issues miniseries … More