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A big Comic Book Nerd and Expert Dungeon Master! I love to help people and I write all of the time. From stories to articles I storm the internet with the vengeful wrath of one who actually enjoys life!

Being a husband and father has really changed my perspective on this hobby and I am so grateful to the artists and writers for creating content for us who have now grown up a bit!

First Look: A Review of @DarkHorseComics AngelCatBird Volume 1 HC by @MargaretAtwood and artist Johnny Christmas ( @j_xmas )

It’s a bird, it’s a plain, it’s a cat, it’s… amazing! Angel Catbird is a deliciously entangled natural comic book story fused with an amazing fevered dream. This past Wednesday, Dark Horse Comics released a book that has garnered a lot of attention from comic readers who love ridiculous romps.

First Look: Review of @ValientComics X-O Manowar by @Robertvenditti 

What have we learned? Valient Comics is pushing X-O Manowar #47 as a jump on point, an introduction to their series. After reading through this issue, I was able to clearly see the important roles of people and races in this story. The vine. No, I am not referring to 30 second videos. The vine. No, not the grapevine… The Vine. The alien race called the vine is the major plot device. Humans, vine, and a hybrid race make up the world []

On Screen: ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Recruits Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as Zordon

March of 2017, its morphin’ time. We have been seeing bits and pieces of the epic remake and have been assured that while this film will become a gritty film in comparison to the television show, but will not loose it’s sense of fun and adventure. Many were thrown off by the announcement that Bryan Cranston had been signed onto the cast. Dispite his history with the series (doing dubbing work for a few of the villains), it seemed odd to hear []

First Look: Review of @DarkHorseComics Black Hammer #1 by @JeffLemire

Legacy. Do you remember legacy? At one time, heroes had moved on, and certain protégés had taken their place. Comics were imensly concerned with the aging phsyce of heroes. We lost this quality for many years. Thankfully, that human element of “growing up and old” is returning to mainstream comics. Jeff Lemire had worked on Animal Man a few years ago and epitomized the pain and heartache parents feel at times, and he is setting himself up to tackle this theme of []

Tech Time: Google Changes Music Forever

Ever since I was a young lad, music has been a fun romp through realms of creative possibility. Google is spearheading a new project in which their browser, Google Chrome, allows users to learn rhythm, melodies, and even the circle of 5ths! Activities range from painting lines which are played like notes, organizing drummers, and monsters who teach how to differentiate synthetic wave sounds! Click below to try this out!   Example of in app play:

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