The Sith Lord Will Haunt Your Dreams in IDW’s Star Wars: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle

Since 2018, comic book and graphic novel publisher IDW has explored the darkest corners of the Star Wars universe, beginning with Tales from Vader’s Castle and continuing with Return to Vader’s Castle and Shadow of Vader’s Castle. This fall, Star Wars fans will feel that familiar shiver down their spine once more in Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle, a five-issue comic book miniseries and the latest horror-packed entry in the Vader’s Castle saga!

9b4680aa-dec1-3e61-fdc6-04ceaa6a5cab.jpg9b4680aa-dec1-3e61-fdc6-04ceaa6a5cab.jpgCavan Scott, the Star Wars author: Adventures in Wild Space novels and one of the architects of Lucasfilm’s massive The High Republic publishing initiative, returns to scribe Ghosts of Vader’s Castle, beginning in September shipping weekly through mid-October.
“We’re now on our fourth year of spooky Star Wars stories, which blows my horror-loving mind,” says Scott. “Thank you to everyone who has embraced this creepy little corner of a galaxy far, far away, allowing us to tell terrifying tales every Halloween. We said right back with the first series that we hoped this would become a tradition, and it has!”

“We could not be more excited to return to Vader’s Castle… and we’re not going alone! Coming back to the series are artists who’ve explored (and decorated) its haunted hallowed halls since the first issue — from Francesco Francavilla to Derek Charm, Megan Levens to Robert Hack, Chris Fenoglio, and more! The galaxy just got a little spookier, and this time there’s no stopping the Ghosts of Vader’s Castle,” says editor Heather Antos.

Ghosts of Vader’s Castle see fan-favorite supporting Star Wars characters haunted by nightmares of zombie droids, vicious Wookiees the size of mountains, and monstrous terrors aplenty… all tied to their experiences at the dreaded Fortress Vader.

“Working on the Vader’s Castle comics every year has become almost an early Halloween tradition and I love it,” says Francavilla.

Each issue of Star Wars: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle will be available with three cover variants for fans and retailers to enjoy: Cover A by Francesco Francavilla, Cover B by Derek Charm, and a Retailer Incentive edition featuring Francavilla’s line art in its stark black-and-white beauty.

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