Aspen Comics Debuts Alex Ross Fathom Cover

Aspen Comics has released the final cover image of their Fathom: The Core Alex Ross variant cover available now on Kickstarter. The publisher launched this new crowd-funded campaign for their flagship title, Michael Turner’s Fathom, in late May with the new one shot, Fathom: The Core.

Fathom: The Core is an all-new Fathom story continuing the story from within the pages of the best-selling indie title. Written by Vince Hernandez with art by Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, and Peter Steigerwald, Fathom: The Core is 48 pages and features a host of covers by some of the industry’s top talents including Michael Turner, Siya Oum, Bill Sienkiewicz, Kendrick Lim, Meghan Hetrick and more.

The Fathom: The Core Alex Ross variant cover is the first collaboration between Ross and Aspen colorist Peter Steigerwald. For more details on the Fathom: The Core Kickstarter campaign click the following link:

Thank you for the support.

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