Science Dog, Murder Falcon & Assassin Nation Return in Skybound X #3

Image Comjcs and Skybound Comics revealed a first look at Skybound X #3, the weekly comic book event that’s both bark AND bite featuring the return of greatest genius canine adventurer AKA Science Dog, and the next chapter of the new The Walking Dead epic “Rick Grimes 2000.” The third issue of this historic weekly event series arrives in July from the star-studded Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cory Walker, Daniel Warren Johnson, Kyle Starks and Erica Henderson.

If you want to know what to expect in Skybound’s next ten years, it all continues in this extra-length issue with a celebration of the company’s most acclaimed series including Assassin Nation, featuring the return of fan-favorite and the (not) totally-family friendly icon F*ck Tarkington AND a rip-roaring throwdown continuing the incomparable comic book experience known as Murder Falcon.

Skybound X #3 will be ON THE SHELF Wednesday, July 21, 2021

  • Skybound X #3 Cover A by Arthur Adams

  • Skybound X #3 Cover B by Cory Walker

  • Skybound X #3 Cover C by Erica Henderson

  • Skybound X #3 Cover D by Daniel Warren Johnson

  • Skybound X #3 Cover E 1:10 Incentive Cover by Cory Walker

  • Skybound X #3 Cover F 1:10 Incentive Cover by Erica Henderson

  • Skybound X #3 Cover G 1:10 Incentive Cover by Daniel Warren Johnson

  • Skybound X #3 Cover H 1:25 Incentive Cover by Arthur Adams

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Skybound X #3

By Kirkman, Robert, Johnson, Daniel Warren, Starks, Kyle

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