The Michael Turner Collection NFT Debuts May 20th


MakersPlace announced that Aspen Comics and Mythos Studios will debut “The Michael Turner Collection,” the first-ever NFT collection of authentic comic book cover art from the late Michael Turner. The first NFTs of the new collection will pay tribute to Turner and his most celebrated comic, Fathom, which debuted as the number one comic in North America in 1998. Fathom, which follows Turner’s best-known protagonist, ‘Aspen Matthews,’ a marine biologist who discovers she is a member of an advanced underwater species, gained acclaim for its timely themes of climate change, identity, and diversity.

The debut of the Michael Turner Collection will be made up of a “one-of-one” token of the now-iconic Fathom cover art as well as limited editions and open editions featuring a “re-mastered” Fathom color scheme by Turner’s best friend, Aspen Comics co-owner and renowned comic book colorist (Marvel’s Civil War) Peter Steigerwald.

The Michael Turner Collection NFTs are believed to be the first-ever authorized comic book cover art tokenized as digital collectibles. A portion of the net proceeds of the Michael Turner Collection will be donated to Turner’s favorite charities and causes, the American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish, and Oceana. The collection plans to distribute more NFTs of Michael Turner‘s work in the future.

Michael Turner was a legendary and beloved comic book artist best known for his beautiful illustrations and universally appealing visual style with iconic titles such as Fathom, Soulfire, and Ekos, as well as Top Cow’s WitchBlade, DC’s Superman & Batman, and Marvel’s Civil War. After passing away in 2008, Turner’s legacy lives on with Aspen Comics, the artist-run comic company which Turner co-founded with Frank Mastromauro and Peter Steigerwald in 2002. Aspen Comics has published more than 30 titles, sold over 8 million books, and has globally published products in over 27 countries. In 2018, Aspen Comics joined forces with entertainment moguls David Maisel and Scooter Braun, co-founders of Mythos Studios, to actively develop Aspen properties for features and series.

David Maisel, CEO of Mythos Studios and Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios, said, “More than a decade after his untimely passing, Michael Turner’s work continues to astonish, inspire and captivate fans around the world. As a fan and collector of Michael’s art for decades and now developing his work for film and television, I am beyond excited that we will honor his artistic and storytelling genius through this exciting new medium.”

Frank Mastromauro and Peter Steigerwald commented, “Fathom has been such a meaningful part of our careers from the very beginning. We work each and every day to ensure Michael’s vision for the property lives and thrives, and it has been an honor to continue Fathom since his passing. We are so thrilled that Michael’s art will now be available as digital NFT’s, presenting his incredible underwater creation in a dynamic and engaging new format. We cannot wait for the fans and collectors to see what we have in store for them with this first ever Michael Turner Collection NFT offering!”

The Michael Turner collection will be unveiled and available to the public on Thursday, May 20th at 3:30pm Pacific Daylight Time on MakersPlace, MakersPlace accepts credit cards as well as ETH (Ethereum) payments for bids and sales.

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