Graphic Audio & Archie Comics Announce Plans for Audio Adaptations


Graphic Audio, a premier audio brand of industry leader RBmedia, has recently completed a licensing deal with comic book publisher Archie Comics. The groundbreaking ‘ARCHIE in WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ Storyline, also known as ‘THE ARCHIE WEDDING,’ will be the first of several graphic novel collections that Graphic Audio will be releasing in their dramatized adaptation audiobook format.

“We’re looking forward to presenting classic and modern Archie Comics in our dramatized audiobook format and for generations young and old to experience THE ARCHIE WEDDING in our immersive way of storytelling,” says Anji Cornette, Vice President of Graphic Audio.

“Our goal at Archie is to make these stories and characters available wherever readers, listeners, and fans are gathering,” added Archie Comics co-president Alex Segura. “Audiobooks are a growing, vibrant medium and it made sense to partner with the leader in the comic book audiobook space, GraphicAudio. Starting with one of our most historic stories, the Archie Wedding, was the best opening move. We’re so excited to get this ambitious program off the ground.”

ARCHIE IN WILL YOU MARRY ME? will be available on Graphic Audio’s website store at and everywhere digital audiobooks are sold in late Spring, followed by the release of the hit Archie Horror graphic novel VAMPIRONICA and the groundbreaking ARCHIE relaunch by writer Mark Waid.

Release Date: May 12, 2021

Approximate Running Time: 3 Hours

ISBN #: 9781648818493ISBN #: 9 7 8 1 6 4 8 8 1 8 4 9 3

Content Rating: Ages 13+

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