All Star Creators Join Jim Henson’s the Storyteller: Tricksters from Boom! Studios


BOOM! Studios gives us our first look at the creative teams for all four issues of JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER: TRICKSTERS, a comic book series based on the Emmy Award-winning classic television show, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, presenting several extraordinary folk tales of legendary tricksters from the four corners of the world. Each issue will feature a new creative team, with the first issue, by writer Jonathan Rivera (Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye), artist Jade Zhang, and letterer Jim Campbell, featuring the most famous trickster of all—Anansi, available in March 2021.

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Tricksters Hardcover – Set for Release November 30, 2021

Fans of this fantastical series can also look forward to even more stories about their favorite tricksters of legend with the second issue, written by The New York Times bestselling YA author Jordan Ifueko (Raybearer) and illustrated by rising star artist Erin Kubo, featuring a teen Yoruba village girl who matches wits against the great god of mischief, Eshu; the third issue, written by poet and Hugo Award-winning author Amal El-Mohtar (This is How You Lose the Time War) and illustrated by cartoonist Isa Hanssen, about the legendary fox Reynard and his scheme to get rich quick, and the fourth issue by cartoonist Robin Kaplan (The City on the Other Side) and illustrator and comics artist A.L. Kaplan featuring gods Loki and Thor as they crash the wedding of the century!

Every issue of JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER: TRICKSTERS will feature main cover art by artist Peach Momoko (Power Rangers) and variant cover art by artist Dani Pendergast (NPR).


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Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Tricksters
By Ifueko, Jordan, El-Mohtar, Amal, Rivera, Jonathan

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