CHRISTOPHER PRIEST Explores The Complexities And Relevance Of U.S. Agent From Marvel Comics

U.S.Agent, the Super-Soldier you love to hate is back in an all-new series by writer Christopher Priest and artist George Jeanty! When John Walker is stripped of his official status as U.S.Agent, the former Super Patriot goes independent and gets caught up in a conflict between a small town and the corporate giant trying to destroy it. With a brand-new partner and a dangerous new enemy, Walker’s mission will force the unconventional “super hero” to confront hard-hitting questions about himself and the nation he serves. This journey of self-discovery will dive into the character’s past and set U.S.Agent on course for an exciting new place in the Marvel Universe.

US Agent 1US Agent 1

Marvel Host Ryan Penagos recently sat down with Christopher Priest to discuss the acclaimed writer’s views on the former Captain America. Find out what makes U.S.Agent tick and check out never-before-seen art form the series in this exclusive video interview!

“John Walker is not a super hero. No matter how hard he wants to be a super hero, he’s really not,” Priest explained. “And that’s the whole point of John Walker. The whole point of a guy like John Walker is to point out just how much strength of character and nobility and self-sacrifice it takes to actually be called a hero in the Marvel Universe.”

John Walker’s high-stakes adventure is now underway! Pick up the debut issue, on sale now, and don’t miss U.S.AGENT #2 when it lands ON THE SHELF December 23rd. With issue 1 ON THE SHELF NOW.

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